Summer Moon exceed expectations on new LP

One of many side projects crafted by a member of the Strokes while on hiatus, Summer Moon gives longtime fans of the New York City post-punk revivalists a reason to be excited. The supergroup consists of the Strokes’ bassist Nikolai Fraiture, Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, Uh Huh Her’s Camila Grey on keys and Noah Harmon of the Airborne Toxic Event. With You Tonight is the band’s first LP, offering an intricate and exciting blend of each of the bands from which its members originate.

The title track is a sure stand-out, a funk-inspired track reminiscent of Fraiture’s work on the Strokes’ great album, Angles. Summer Moon’s LP was a crowdfunded project, giving the artists a little more of a freedom to explore new sounds and directions. What’s so great about musicians from different backgrounds coming together to create is that they are able to give each other the space and recognition they each deserve. None of the artists in this supergroup are attempting to outshine the other. While there are definitely tracks on the album that are similar to the members’ other bands, none of the songs feel like exact replicas or parodies.

There aren’t any duds on this ten-track album, but each song feels like it exists in its own universe. Bass-driven tunes are not hard to come by on this album, as Fraiture’s command of the instrument is displayed with confidence and composure. Supporting vocalist and keyboard aficionado Camila Grey takes the lead on “Cleopatra,” a fiery, nostalgic track with a subtle and fun Western twang. “Into the Sun” and “Girls on Bikes” may be stronger than the two tracks released as official singles; both spacious and exciting, they take listeners back to simple days of the new wave era. Finally, “Walk Out Music” is atmospheric and ambient, the perfect way to end an eclectic album like this one.

On this retro LP, Summer Moon exceed all expectations. With You Tonight is available now. Check out the video for “Happenin’” below!

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