'Supergirl' recap: 'Exodus'

This week on Supergirl, it is a fight against time as Kara and Alex rush to save aliens from Cadmus’s evil plot to forcibly remove all aliens.

Last week on Supergirl, Alex and Kara were betrayed by their father, Jeremiah Danvers, who stole the National Alien Registry for Project Cadmus. This week opens with a family on a car trip singing along to Bruno Mars. A cop pulls the family over and says they have a broken tail light. The father is handcuffed and it is revealed they are aliens. They try to run but Cadmus men in a black van catch the family.

Team Supergirl is at the DEO trying to figure out how to find Cadmus and what they want with the aliens they are capturing. J’onn tells the team Jeremiah is an enemy now and is to be arrested if found. Kara is worried about the aliens and wants to warm them, but J’onn cannot put out a statement without letting the world know about the DEO. Kara says no one will believe an anonymous statement online, so she goes to her boss Snapper Carr to try and get the news on the front page. Snapper says no, citing the panic it would cause and saying she needs more sources. Reputation is paramount for CatCo and Snapper says she has to have more than Supergirl’s word given the rise of fake news. Kara says he could speak with Supergirl and he agrees.

At the bar, Alex tells Maggie she is worried about her father since he is caught in the fight between the DEO and Cadmus. Maggie reassures her girlfriend that she will be able to keep Jeremiah from harm. At another table, Winn introduces his new girlfriend Lyra to James. The two are adorable and James comments on how well they get along. Winn tells James he is taking their relationship slow. Suddenly the bar is attacked by Cadmus goons. The entire group fights back, but Lyra is taken.

At the DEO, Winn is panicking about Lyra’s abduction. They did not get any information out of the captured Cadmus agent. Winn gets in Alex’s face about her father and in turn, Alex goes to try and beat the information out of their captive. J’onn pulls her out and calms her down, but is worried.

Kara arrives at CatCo and tells Snapper Supergirl is waiting in James’ office. She then flies in as Supergirl and the two talk. Snapper tells her he cannot take her word alone that Cadmus stole the National Alien Registry because he cannot verify her source. He says he will go off the record and verify it himself, but Kara refuses to give him information about the DEO.

Jeremiah shows up at Alex’s apartment and tells her Cadmus is going to kill the aliens. He asks her to get something from the DEO to help free the aliens. She says they need to get J’onn and he argues against that. Alex agrees to help, but it was J'onn testing her by shapeshifting as Jeremiah. He suspends her from work. Meanwhile the real Jeremiah is with Lillian Luthor, watching as aliens are rounded up and put on a giant spaceship.

Supergirl, Alex Danvers
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Hearing about what J’onn did, Kara rushes to her sister’s side. Alex is upset and wants Kara to help her get reinstated, but Kara disagrees. Alex feels betrayed and asks Maggie if she agrees with Kara. Maggie says she is with Alex, “ride or die.”

Lena arrives at CatCo and has to remind Kara they have lunch plans. Kara tells her about the article and that she is trying to find another source. Lena suggests posting the article online if she cannot get approval. Kara asks if any technology from her company might help find the aliens. Lena agrees to help and says she will try to find information about Lillian so she can be a second source.

Another alien is apprehended and Cadmus men start loading him in a van when Alex and Maggie arrive. Alex steals the GPS coordinates for the van while Maggie lets the alien free. Maggie offers to go with her, but Alex wants to go alone. The two kiss and Alex goes to find Cadmus.

At L-Corp, Lena is reviewing information with one of her employees and finds that an old worksite from when her brother was still receiving goods. She asks the employee for some records, but when the employee leaves she calls Lillian and tells her Lena found out about the site.

Sneaking into the site, Alex finds her father. Jeremiah tells her Lillian wanted to kill the aliens, but he convinced her to send them to space instead. Alex tells him he is still committing a terrible crime by capturing people and sending them away. She says many have overcome famine and war and may not have a home planet anymore. The two continue to argue with Alex saying she and Kara do not want others hurt in order to protect the Danvers family from Cadmus.

Mon-El arrives at Kara's apartment and encourages her to post the article and she does. Seconds later, Lena calls with information she found. Two Cadmus guys show up and she tries to fight back. Kara realizes something is wrong and shows up as Supergirl just in time to save Lena from falling off the balcony. Kara knocks the guys out and Lena tells her she knows where to find Cadmus.

Katie McGrath, Melissa Benoist, Supergirl
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Meanwhile, Lillian preps the ship for launch because she saw Kara’s article online. She says they only have a few hundred, but it will have to do for now. Alex threatens them with explosives and lets off a couple. Alex asks her dad if he is with her, while Lillian threatens the Danvers family. Jeremiah choses family and helps knock out the Cadmus goons and the two threaten Lillian to stop the ship. She says there is no way to abort launch. Alex lets off a few more bombs and heads to the ship while Jeremiah ends up fighting Cadmus. She finds Lyra, opens her cell and tells her to help free everyone. Alex tries to stop the ship but it begins to fly with everyone still aboard.

The DEO is in chaos as they detect a launch and Alex calls to let them know she is on the ship. Winn tries to help her take control of the ship, but it is going too fast. On the ground, Hank Henshaw fights Jeremiah and knocks him out. Kara arrives and the sisters stare at each other through the glass, putting their hand to the other's on the glass. Alex calls out encouragement as Kara screams out in the pain, slowly pushing the ship back to Earth.

Lyra and Winn are joyfully reunited at the alien bar, while James smiles at their reunion. Arriving at CatCo, Kara discovers Snapper is firing her for breaking her contract and using CatCo resources. He tells her she is lucky the story was true, but she broke the rules of being a reporter.

Alex and John make up. He reinstates her and the two agree someday they will save her dad. Maggie is waiting for her and teases her when the two leave the DEO together.

Mon-El brings Kara potstickers and tries to cheer her up. She is sad about losing her job, but they kiss and she says maybe what she has is enough. Meanwhile, an alien ship is headed towards Earth carrying a royal couple played by Terri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo. Given the preview for the next episode, it looks like Supergirl is confirming many fans theory that Mon-El is a prince and the royal couple are his parents.

Kara Danvers, Melissa Benoist, Supergirl
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This is one of my favorite episodes of the season so far. It touched on the timely topics of forcible deportation and refugees as well as journalism standards, sources and fake news. We got more of Kara and Alex together, which is when this show shines. The sanvers scenes were short, but cute. Lyra and Winn are likable and it was nice to see Winn introducing her to James, who seems to have almost disappeared from the show in the past few episodes.

Check out the preview for the next episode below. The show is off next week and will return Monday, March 20 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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