'Supergirl' recap: 'Star-Crossed'

This week on Supergirl, romantic relationships are tested as both Kara and Winn discover their romantic partners lied to them.

Last week’s episode of Supergirl ended with a royal alien couple headed to Earth, looking for someone. This week begins with Kara and Mon-El hanging out on her couch, binging television shows. The two flirt and their kiss is interrupted by an alien message broadcasting through the television. The show skips to the other members of team Supergirl as they hear the message, a demand for the return of Mon-El.

Gathering at the DEO, J’onn fills everyone in on the big of information they have, while asking Mon-El questions about the spaceship they detected. He claims he has never seen one like it and Alex ponders why anyone would want a palace guard of Daxam. J’onn calls out for Winn for more information, but Winn is not at the office. Instead, Winn is busy spending time with his alien girlfriend, Lyra, who talks him into breaking into the National City Art Gallery with her to have fun.

Meanwhile Kara decides it is time for her to go meet the aliens as Supergirl. Mon-El tries to go with her, but she tells him that is not a good idea and flies toward the ship. The ship fires a bomb at her and she fries back with heat vision, leading them to trap her in some kind of forcefield bubble. She breaks out just in time as it falls to the ground. She flies towards the ship again and weapons are loading until Mon-El calls out to surrender. Kara argues against turning himself over, but he says it is his choice. While he is being transported, Kara runs to him and is beamed up with him to the ship. People on the ship start bowing and Kara is confused. Mon-El turns around to greet his parents, King Lar Gand and Queen Rhea of Daxam.

They embrace their son, Prince Mon-El of Daxam. Mon-El introduces Kara to his parents and Kara is understandably angry. His parents ask Kara to stay and get to know them while they reunite with their son and she agrees.

Supergirl, Mon-El, Daxom
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After receiving a phone call from Maggie asking him to come see her at the police station, Winn goes over with donuts. He starts stress eating the donuts as Maggie asks him questions about the National City Art Gallery. Winn admits he broke into the Gallery with Lyra for a little alone time, but is shocked when Maggie shows him video of the Gallery. Lyra is not in the video, which makes Winn look guilty when a Van Gogh painting disappears. Eating another donut, Winn asks for his phone call.

Back on the spaceship, Kara has an uneasy dinner party with Mon-El and his parents. They say they found him partly because of the Dominator aliens on Slavers Moon, where he helped Kara free the slaves. Queen Rhea notes he must be influenced by Kara, who in turn speaks out against slavery. They tell Mon-El how they escaped and how they want to go home again, now that the planet is habitable. They want to “make Daxam great again." His parents ask how he escaped and with prompting he tells his tale. In a flashback, we see what really happened, including him leaving a woman in his bed and the servant who saved his life being left on the planet. Not able to stomach another moment of this dinner, Kara gives her apologies and leaves the table with Mon-El following.

Transporting back to the DEO, Kara and Mon-El argue. She is angry with him for lying to her and that he helped lead a planet that believes in so many things that she is against.

Meanwhile at the police department, Maggie questions Winn about Lyra. Alex and James storm in and Maggie tells them she believes Lyra set Winn up. Winn denies it, but admits she has not been answering his calls. Alex asks for time and Maggie gives them a day to find Lyra.

At the DEO the team learns more about Lyra. Her species cannot be seen on camera and they discover this was not her first heist. The team decides to go to the alien bar and see if they can get a lead. Alex pulls Kara aside to talk about Mon-El, and tells her to talk to him instead of stewing in anger. Queen Rhea transports into the DEO and asks to speak to Kara.

Supergirl, Terri Hatcher
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The Queen thanks Kara for taking care of Mon-El, and asks her to talk Mon-El into going back with them to start a new Daxam.

Meanwhile at the alien bar, Alex, James and Winn question aliens and get a location for Lyra after they promise an alien Hamilton tickets. They find Lyra in a trailer park and she admits to Winn that he was just a mark. Lyra’s pals fight Guardian while Winn runs after Lyra. Alex arrives to help Guardian beat up the bad guys, but they get away. Alex finds the painting and they take Lyra to the DEO.

Winn questions Lyra and she tells him the bad guys have her brother. She tells him she is a refugee, a thief and she did care for him but she had to protect her brother. Winn asks the team for help, but J’onn tells him they cannot trust Lyra. Then Winn breaks Lyra out to go and save her brother.

Mon-El tries to talk to Kara about forgiving him, saying in movies women normally forgive men by now. Kara interrupts and tells him that his mom wants to talk to him. Then she tells them to forget about their issues right now and think about the fact that he has his family back and could possibly go home.

Lyra and Winn go to the dropsite to exchange the painting for her brother, but the painting is a fake and the aliens are angry. Guardian, Alex and a team of agents arrive to save the day. Winn turns over the real painting to Maggie at the police station and she says she does not have enough evidence against Lyra and her brother, so they are free. Maggie and Alex joke about Winn being afraid of them.

Back at the DEO, Winn and Lyra make up. When Kara asks Winn why he forgave Lyra, he says he believes her reason for lying was a good one. He tells her she has to figure out if Mon-El’s reasons for lying are good enough.

Kara goes home to find Mon-El in her living room. He talks about her and says he loves her. She tells him she deserves better. He tries to apologize again but she asks if he was ever going to come clean and he does not have a clear answer. Kara tells him it is over and he leaves.

Mon-El transports to the spaceship and tells his parents he will not go back to Daxam. He tells them he hates his old life and says being around Kara makes him better. He tells them to leave Earth.

At the DEO, Winn gives Kara the back the dimension device Cisco Ramon made for her the last time she saw Barry Allen. J’onn tells the team they have a new prisoner and they turn to see the Music Meister. He sees Kara and does something with his eyes that puts her under a spell. She walks towards him and he breaks his cuffs. He takes the dimension device from Kara and jumps to find The Flash. Unconscious, Kara dreams of being a singer. She goes on stage and the episode ends, to be continued in the next episode of The Flash.

Darren Criss, Supergirl
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I enjoyed this episode. I am not a fan of Mon-El and am glad his lie was revealed because I too think Kara deserves better. However, I do not believe this is the end of karamel, because Kara has continually forgiven him throughout the season. It was neat to see them take Lyra’s storyline in a different direction than expected. I enjoyed certain little moments and liked the Alex, James and Winn team up.

Watch the preview below for the next episode airing Monday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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