Video shows bull goring matador, inserting horn into his rectum

A terrifying video of a matador being gored by a bull in Mexico City on Monday, March 21, has emerged and actually shows the animal's horn going up the bullfighter's backside.

The Sun noted that during the bullfighting event, something went terribly wrong as Antonio Romero waved his red cloth around and in front of the animal. Without warning the bull suddenly turned on Romero and knocked him down with a powerful nudge of his horns. While he was on ground, the bull quickly inserted a portion of one of its horns into the matador's rectum. The moment was captured on video and shrieking cries of panic can be heard from the crowd when the beast gores Romero.

The bullfighter was rushed to the hospital following the incident and suffered severe injuries from the 11-inch horn going into his rectum. His condition at this time is not known.

This video is drawing parallels to another from earlier this year in which a man in Salamanca, Spain, was gored and tossed along the pavement by an agitated beast during Carnival of the Bull.

You can see the entire horrific incident below.
Warning: Graphic content

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