Where's the love in Zara's 'Love Your Curves' campaign?

Not here apparently!

Zara received negative press for its "Love Your Curves" campaign for the models' lack of curves.

The Spanish retailer, known for their medium price points, unveiled their ad, featuring two rather thin women.

A brunette and a blonde model pose wearing baseball tees and jeans with their backsides facing the camera.

There's nothing wrong with the women, but Twitter users seemed to point out the lack of variety in body shapes.

On the flip side, commenters came to Zara's defense, citing that even thin girls have curves, so is the bigger issue Zara's perspective or the eye of the beholder's?

Back in 2014, Zara was under fire for selling a children's top that resembled a concentration camp uniform although it has since apologized.

With companies and runways moving towards pulling back the curtains in choosing more body shapes to represent their brand, is Zara in the wrong? Or, are critics taking these ads way too seriously?

Zara has remained mum so far on its "Love Your Curves" campaign.

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