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10 healthy garlic meals to cook on National Garlic Day!

Happy National Garlic Day!

Today, April 19, marks the annual celebration of National Garlic Day. Even better, April symbolizes National Garlic Month!

Garlic has three common purposes: to spice up recipes, to heal or soothe medical needs and ward off vampires. But only two of these are true.

Since cooking with garlic is popular worldwide, all the tasty magic that happens when garlic is added to a recipe should be observed annually. But there are some things you must understand before you begin cooking with it.

According to the National Day Calendar, garlic is a member of the lily family along with onions, leeks and shallots. It is even used as a healing or soothing medicinal practice.

The Authority Nutrition claims that garlic can combat sickness, reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. They even contain antioxidants that prevent Alzheimer's Disease. What could beat that?

Well, the National Day Calendar states that eating garlic in a dream means good fortune. So you have extra luck if you dream of consuming garlic tonight.

So, whether you make a garlic pesto dinner or attend a garlic festival, be sure to use #NationalGarlicDay on your social media posts.

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