5 photos that prove Demi Lovato is feeling body positive this week

Demi Lovato is looking fit and showing off her rocking body on Instagram!

The singer has been posting swimsuit selfies after overcoming her own body image struggles a while back. Recovering from eating disorders is an ongoing struggle for many and Lovato has been battling eating disorders throughout her life but she's not letting that stop her anymore. In fact, many of her posts on social media feature her in swimsuits that have deep cleavage lines that show off her figure.

By sharing these shots, the "Confident" artist is proving that she's well, confident and accepting of her body.

Through this, Lovato reminds us that self-love is important in maintaining a healthy, happy and enjoyable life. She also reminds us that bodies are unique as everyone has their own shape, size and color so there's no sense in comparing oneself to others.

The pop sensation reminds us to value our bodies and not feel ashamed for not fitting "social standards." Scroll through this list for Lovato's positive messages accompanied by gorgeous photos.

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