6 places you probably didn't know give away free pretzels on National Pretzel Day

Happy National Pretzel Day!

For those of you who were unaware, April 26 marks National Pretzel Day. That means you absolutely need to enjoy at least one large softie or a bunch of mini crunchy ones today.

Whether they're salty or unsalted, large or small, hard or soft, these goodies are a great snack choice. And some of the best pretzels to ever be made could be the cinnamon coated ones for that sweet kick everyone craves halfway through a stressful week.

There are numerous accounts of when the first pretzel was created but we're just glad it was. According to the National Day Calendar, cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and New York City would not be notorious for the soft pretzel beginning in the 20th century if they didn't come into existence centuries before. You probably didn't know that hard pretzels originated in 1850 in America.

If you choose to make your own pretzels today, try some of these special and unique places to enjoy a free pretzel. So scroll through to see if some of these freebie locations are near you and be sure to use #NationalPretzelDay on social media.

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