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Amazon's Rena Lunak talks new streaming, TV trends

We love to stream our new and favorite shows, but how do experts know what we are watching?  Well, that’s what Amazon’s Rena Lunak does for a living.  She knows all about binge watching and what the habits of today’s television viewers are.

According to a recent study by Leichtman Research Group, 64 percent of TV watchers have added streaming services.  There’s Netflix, Hulu, Acorn and more.  However, Amazon seems to always be reinventing itself.

There is so much going on with Amazon that TV fans need to know about.  There are new channels, old favorites and brand new shows that offer something for everyone.

Rena Lunak, spokesperson for Amazon spoke with TheCelebrityCafe.com about how to become an expert on trends, what makes binge watching so appealing, what’s new this spring on Amazon, how to get your favorite shows to be on a streaming service and more.

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