Anna Faris live tweets the morning of Chris Pratt's Hollywood Walk of Fame induction

Getting inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a huge honor. You may wonder what it must be like preparing for such a huge honor. Wonder no more - Anna Faris gave us the full scoop.

The actress live tweeted her entire day leading up to husband, Chris Pratt's induction.

So how exactly does this monumental day begin, with a shower of course.

Faris may be a little more nervous than usual, admitting she may need "extra coating" of deodorant.

By 8:08 am the 40-year-old dreading putting on spanx - don't we all?

But how exactly is the man being honored preparing for his big day? By playing the guitar shirtless on his couch of course.

Don't worry, the Guardians of the Galaxy star did find the time hydrate his under eye area as well as do some yoga.

All while Faris still relentlessly tries to get ready within the strict time restraints.

10:04 am : a child distraction is at hand.

10:18 am : Jackson refuses to be ignored

The tables have turned, a woman has finally gotten ready for an event before a man. However Faris' speech does look like it could use some work.

BUT, THEY MADE IT (almost on time).

Faris still much more nervous than her husband.

Congratulations to Chris Pratt on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And to Faris for surviving the ordeal!

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