Billy Bush wants to return to TV so he's singing about it (Video)

Billy Bush really wants to return to TV and has decided to sing about it in this new Grease-inspired video.

The former Access Hollywood and Today show host shared a video via his Instagram account on Tuesday, April 18, of his hair dresser trimming his locks while he sang a tune from Grease. Instead of using the famous “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” line though, Bush changed up the words and sang,“Look at me, I’m Billy B., trying to get back on TV.”

Bush continued with, “My hair’s long and flat and it makes me look fat and I can’t be. I’m Billy B.”

He captioned the video, “Time for a haircut with my beloved @tommy_cyr.”


In October, a video surfaced from 2005 which recorded a conversation between Bush and Donald Trump. In it, Trump can be heard making lewd comments about women while Bush was laughing and giggling at the remarks. NBC suspended and later fired Bush over the tape. However, many saw his ousting as unfair and even more so now that the other man in that tape making those comments became the President of the United States, while Bush can't get a job on network TV.

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