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Britney Spears gets her most cringe worthy wax figure to date (Photo)

Okay Britney Spears fans, we have some good and bad news.

The "Piece of Me" artist got another wax figure, as if she didn't have enough. But this one fell flat of exciting fans as it doesn't look much like Spears at all.

The figure was unveiled Friday, April 14 at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas.

The singer is placed in front of the famous Las Vegas "Welcome" sign. Which in itself is kind of adorable as it was just announced that Spears' residency in Sin City is coming to a close in December.

The four-year long residency definitely deserves this tribute, however, the figure does not do her justice. It looks sort of robotic and more like Holly Madison. And the odd green sparkly get up seems more for a Vegas showgirl than a pop icon.

Leave it to Twitter though to remind us this may not be Spear's worst wax figure to date. There's actually this awful pole dancing, "I'm A Slave For You" (we're assuming) inspired one.

Even more terrifying there's this—well we don't know what inspired this.

Better luck with your next statue Brit.

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