COIN may have just dropped the album of the summer

Breakout indie-rock band COIN may have just released one of the best albums of the summer. The Nashville four-piece find their footing on their sophomore effort, How Will You Know If You Never Try, an album filled with light-hearted answers to some of life’s heaviest questions. The album is a testament to living life to the fullest, embracing originality and taking in every little moment; it puts our fascination with our own mortality into glorious, dreamy soundscapes. With their carefree and clean-cut style, COIN prove they have the potential to stand among the biggest names in indie.

Following the surprising success of their 2015 self-titled debut, COIN spent the last two years touring and honing their sound. Their hard work paid off, as their sophomore record shows an even stronger affinity for catchy choruses and electrifying riffs. Though they’ve delved into a slightly poppier sound, the transition is seamless and not at all contrived.

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Their second album’s lead single, “Talk Too Much,” grabbed the attention of both long-time and recent fans when released in 2016, prepping the world for the band’s new era. The dynamic, danceable track proves COIN had their fingers on the pulse of the indie-pop universe, easily adapting their sound to the latest trends in the genre.

How Will You Know If You Never Try is the definition of a feel-good summer album. COIN bask in the upbeat, infectious energy of standout tracks “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” “Are We Alone” and “Feeling.” There are subtle - and perhaps unintentional - odes to other well-known indie-pop crossover groups like Foster the People, Grouplove and Walk the Moon. Though these radio-ready songs fit COIN’s effortlessly youthful vibe, the band proves their versatility and strength on laidback tunes “Hannah,” “Heart Eyes” and “Malibu 1992.” There’s an honesty and simplicity to these tracks that feels nostalgic, despite the in-your-face modernity of the album.

COIN have produced a triumphant sophomore album, one that could catapult the Nashville newbies into the mainstream. COIN pushed themselves to their creative limits on this record, testing their own mantra: How will you know if you never try?

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