Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative [REVIEW]

I am focusing on eating healthy this year and I am constantly looking for delicious and nutritious meals, so was thrilled to be offered the chance to try some of Daiya's Greek Yogurt Alternatives.

I tasted the Black Cherry Greek Yogurt Alternative, the Strawberry Greek Yogurt Alternative, as well as the vanilla and plain flavors, which will be available later this year. They are all creamy, delicious and nutritious. The strawberry and the black cherry are dairy-free with 8 grams of protein. They do not have any trans fat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, peanuts, fish, shellfish, or milk in them. But, they do have have calcium, vitamin B-12 and they are 150-160 calories.

Initially, I thought my favorite flavor would be strawberry because I like strawberries. However, the black cherry and the vanilla are just as delicious as the strawberry. If you want less flavor - or want to add your own flavors - the plain may be a better choice for you.

Green Matcha Smoothie

After I tasted all the flavors, I decided I enjoyed them enough to purchase 3 of them on a regular basis. It is too difficult to choose one flavor! My plan with the yogurt alternatives going forward in addition to eating them individually, is to incorporate them into delicious smoothies and make exciting recipes, especially substituting the plain yogurt for other high fat and calorie ingredients.

I am so happy I tasted the Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternatives because it kept me focused on eating healthy. There are so many healthy recipes available to choose from when you use Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternatives.

If you are interested in eating healthy, making great smoothies and cooking delicious meals, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with any of the Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative flavors.

Visit the website to find out where you can purchase Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternatives, look for new flavors and get healthy recipes for any occasion. I look forward to tasting the dishes on the website and sharing them with my family and friends.


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