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DVD review for 'Country Crush'

A new movie-musical set for DVD release on May 16, Country Crush explores the bonds of family, the power of dreams and the sacrifice of service.

Country Crush follows Nancy (Madeline Merlo), a city girl and aspiring singer-songwriter navigating the music industry in the hopes of making her first album. Along the way, Nancy encounters Charlie Bishop (Degrassi star, Munro Chambers), a handsome stranger turned crush, who is still reeling from his mother’s death.

Upon meeting, the pair notices an instant connection, but both hesitate to pursue a relationship. Nancy is involved with her music producer and fears jeopardizing her career, while Charlie promises to look after his sister-in-law, Katherine (country singer and One Tree Hill actress, Jana Kramer) and young nephew as his brother prepares to deploy overseas with the army. Still, Nancy and Charlie’s chemistry is unavoidable and through a series of triumphs and losses, they each learn something about life and themselves.

Set to an original series of country-pop hits, including “Doin’ Some Good,” “What If I Am,” “Alive,” and “To Have You Stay,” Country Crush has tremendous drama, heart and musicality.

In addition to its DVD release, Country Crush—and its soundtrack—is also available for purchase on iTunes.

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