Elle King 'skips out' on her wedding!

We guess weddings really are different for girls!

After rumors of a possible split, Elle King confesses that she "skipped out" on her wedding to fiance Andrew "Fergie" Ferguson.

The news was revealed on King's Instagram with a video of her backstage at the Eagles of Death Metal concert.

"Skipped out on my wedding," she writes. "I married Rock&Roll instead ????????so I hopped on tour with ????????????????????????EAGLES OF F**KING DEATH METAL????????????????????????"

King and Ferguson were scheduled to get married over the weekend. However, fans became suspicious when she posted a photo with girlfriends on March 28 with the caption "All my single ladies ????????" using the middle finger emoji.

Ferguson proposed to Rob Schneider's daughter over a year ago on a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge and King appeared on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress shortly after. Earlier this week though, King posted an emotional video of her crying with her dog with the caption beginning, "Been a really rough and insane start to this year."

The heartfelt post was another indicator of trouble in paradise and a possible split.

Been a really rough and insane start to this year. But I haven't seen my sugar in a month. Lately I don't cry very much. I feel like it will just be an explosion if I did. But seeing my little baby girl again, and having her by my side, well I lost it. She's my best friend and the only true loyalty I've ever known. Today someone tried to make me feel a certain way about myself. But we have to remember, no one can make you feel anything unless you let them. Don't give people power over you. As a human, other people may try to be threatening in more ways than just verbal or physical acts. Always be strong. Always have dogs. Never forget your rights and your worth. If no one has told you today, I love you and I think you're beautiful and are worthy of love and kindness. Be safe. Be smart. Don't let anyone make you feel fearful or small. Love yourself. Daniel Johnston said it, true love will find you in the end.

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