Fall head over heels for Vancouver Sleep Clinic

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve played sold out tours in Australia and Europe at the age of 18, but Aussie indie star Tim Bettinson - the mastermind behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic - did exactly that. Now, with his highly anticipated debut album Revival finally on the shelves, Bettinson will surely take the rest of the world by storm. Bettinson was raised on the best of the best of classic rock, from Fleetwood Mac to the Eagles. As he grew into his artistic identity, he began to explore the ambient sounds of Bon Iver and Sigur Ros. Though Revival encompasses a modern millennial mindset, each of these inspirations are evident in the expansive, decadent soundscapes of Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

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Don’t be embarrassed if you confuse Bettinson’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic with Justin Vernon’s Volcano Choir - the similarities are nearly endless. Vernon’s transition from wistful, soft-spoken singer-songwriter to bold, experimental alternative artist has been years in the making and has clearly made a significant impact on young artists. Vancouver Sleep Clinic is one of a continually growing group of ambient producers who manage to create stunning stories through sound, joining the recent successes of Francis and the Lights and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.  Revival proves that a producer of digital music can still evoke passion and emotion despite never-ending criticism from music traditionalists.

Not only is Bettinson a creative and multifaceted instrumentalist, but he is also a genuinely skilled lyricist. “Whispers” and “Killing Me to Love You” tell intricate, poetic stories of the search for purpose. Bettinson’s songwriting is beyond his years, drawing you in with his hypnotic melodies and modulated vocals. Standout single “Someone to Stay” is gripping and heartbreaking, building from quiet pleas to soaring choruses. The title track wraps up the album with four minutes of cathartic, meditative percussion as focused and energetic as an Explosions in the Sky symphony.

Revival is available now - lose yourself in "Someone to Stay" below!

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