Harry Styles opens up about first date with Taylor Swift

Harry Styles is opening up about his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Who could forget "Haylor" and their highly publicized relationship back in 2012. Neither party has ever really spoken of their time together - except Swift, we all know "Style" was about him.

Now it's Styles' turn to talk.

The former One Direction frontman opened up to Rolling Stone about that time in his life.

The 23-year-old recalled a specific day when they were photographed together while taking stroll in Central Park.

"When I see photos from that day, I think: Relationships are hard, at any age," he explained. "And adding in that you don't really understand exactly how it works when you're 18, trying to navigate all that stuff didn't make it easier."

Styles continued, "I mean, you're a little bit awkward to begin with. You're on a date with someone you really like. It should be that simple, right? It was a learning experience for sure. But at the heart of it, I just wanted it to be a normal date."

The real question that went unanswered is, will he be writing a solo song about Swift like she did to him? Although that question not asked, it is what the people want to know most!

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