Interview with celebrity caterer and lifestyle expert Mary Giuliani

There is a saying, well, at least there is in my family that everyone secretly wants to be Italian.  Well, Mary Giuliani -- caterer, party planner, fashion and lifestyle expert to the stars actually is Italian and she helps people “Live Italian” with her inventive new recipes and tips.

Giuliani grew up in traditional Italian household with both sets of grandparents.  It was there where she discovered her love of cooking and entertaining.  After graduating from Georgetown with a degree in theater, she ventured off to Florence where she studied all things food, wine and parties and began her brand of friendly, Italian hospitality.  She has an ongoing partnership with Chef Mario Batali called “MARIO by Mary.”

Mary Giuliani spoke with about her family, career, how she became sought after by celebrities, explained what it means to “Live Italian,” offered suggestions on how to throw a good dinner party, showed how to make a yummy ice cream sandwich using Mulino Bianco cookies and more.

Learn more about Mary Guiliani here and find your Mulino Bianco breads, crackers and cookies here.

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