Is there romance brewing between 'Star Trek Beyond' co-stars Chris Pine and Sofia Boutella?

Star Trek Beyond co-stars Chris Pine and Sofia Boutella were seen together at this weekend's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The two were spotted holding hands and flirting throughout their weekend together, sparking relationship rumors.

Not only were they seen at Coachella, but they were also spotted enjoying each other's company at the NYLON Midnight Garden Party reported E! News. Based on the way they were flirting with each other, people suspected they were an item.

In fact, Pine and Boutella were reportedly on a double date with their friends, actress Troian Bellisario and her husband, Suits star Patrick J. Adams, at NYLON. One source shared that the couples had a great time in each other's company.

According to sources, the rumored couple were there for roughly 90 minutes.

According to People, Pine was "super cute" with Boutella. He kept "stepping back to let her have the spotlight and wouldn't take photos but kept watching her when she would pose." Pine even had his arm around her waist the whole night.

However, there are rumors that they were just friends.

In fact, they have been friends for a while now. On her Instagram page, Boutella posted a photo of the two in September 2016 showing off their friendship.

"With this special special human dear to me at 'Hell Or High Water' London premiere ! So proud of him ! Great movie great cast fantastic performances ! Don't miss it !! @hellorhighwatermovie#hellorhighwater #chrispine#jeffbrifges #benfoster," she captioned her photo of the two.

Fans will have to wait this one out to see if the rumors are, indeed, true.

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  1. So Sofia dating Robert Sheehan for the last 3 years isn’t even worth a mention? Go back and watch the Star Trek Beyond press and you’ll see these two are very close and affectionate and obviously like to hang out, but it’s probably disrespectful to speculate on anything more unless it’s confirmed she’s no longer with Robert.

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