'Jane The Virgin' recap: 'Chapter Fifty-Nine'

On the last episode of Jane The Virgin, Jane was ready to get back into the groove of dating. As she showed off her new dress to Alba, they saw a despondent Xo go into the bathroom, having moved back home after her breakup. After promising Mateo to find a raincoat for show and tell, Jane headed to work with a bounce in her step.

Meanwhile, Rafael and Petra wake up together in bed and agree not to tell anyone what happened between them. However, this is easier said than done since Jane arrives to find the raincoat just as Petra is trying to get to her clothes in the living room. Jane finds a naked Petra in the closet and takes the raincoat before leaving.

An embarrassed Petra later heads to her office, only to see Detective Dennis there with his partner, Dana. They know she moved Scott’s bones and won’t charge her with evidence tampering if she agrees to find Anezka for them.

Jane goes to drop off Mateo’s raincoat with his aide and when Adam compliments her look, she thinks he could be flirting with her. She talks to Alba, who is doing her own flirting with her new beau. They talk about it at dinner before moving onto Xo, who has not told Rogelio about the breakup, not wanting to distract him from the lawsuit settlement. He tells them that they are going to start shooting his telenovela.

While working on a scene, Rogelio is asked if he is positive the lawsuit will be complete before the shoot begins and he double checks in a text to Bruce, who has not been returning his texts.

As she picks up Mateo from school, Jane once again gets a vibe that Adam is flirting but it turns out she is mistaken. She shares an awkward hello with Rafael and the twins. He tells her to stop getting advice from her grandmother and that he is taking her out that evening so she can learn how to flirt properly.

Rogelio tries texting Bruce again to ask about the settlement, but he still does not hear back, even as he is being fitted for wardrobe.

In the hotel, Rafael and Jane discuss his encounter with Petra before she walks over to see what they are doing. They go to the Fairwick and Petra tells them both they are not doing well with the flirting since Rafael next to Jane makes it look like she is off limits. Petra gives Jane ideas to make a guy think she is interested.

Rafael thinks Petra is flirting with him, but she is trying to make Chuck jealous. Meanwhile, Jane is having a good time with one of the men in the bar until she ends up bringing up losing her husband. Meanwhile, Petra and Rafael get so into flirting for show that he begins to get lost in the moment. However, Petra thinks Chuck isn’t looking until it turns out he was paying attention and heard her say she felt embarrassed to be with him.

The three of them end up leaving and at home, Jane talks to Alba, who is having her own relationship frustration. Jorge has yet to plan a date so Jane urges her to talk to him. When she does, he reveals he hasn’t been able to decide where to take her out.

Rogelio still hasn’t heard from Bruce so he asks Xo to talk to him, unaware of the breakup still. Meanwhile, Jane practices on a punching bag with Dennis and finds out that he broke off his engagement after his fiancée cheated. The two have some flirty banter.

Jane tells Rafael about the vibe she got from Dennis and he encourages her to text him to see if anything is there. After she does so, Dennis asks her out.

At the house with Bruce, Xo asks him about making sure their breakup doesn’t affect his working relationship with Rogelio. He angrily tells her that he is treating Rogelio like every other client and he is not going to always respond to his texts.

Petra talks to Krishna about her situation with Chuck. She knows that she has to apologize to him. As Krishna is about to leave, Petra asks if she has a boyfriend and learns she is actually gay.

Jane is feeling unsure about her date and whether it is an attempt to keep Michael in her life. Xo encourages her to go on the date to see if that is true or not. When they ask Alba about her date, they find out Jorge is surprising her.

Rogelio meets with Bruce at the courthouse. When Xo arrives, Bruce realizes he can’t represent Rogelio and tells him to ask the judge for a continuance. A confused Rogelio can only watch as the judge calls for them.

In the office, Rogelio asks for the continuance but is not happy about having a week when he needs a lawyer now. He asks Xo why she broke up with Bruce and she reveals she loves him. They end up making out right then and there.

Jorge surprises Alba by taking her to mini-golf. But when she sees Dennis and Jane, she knows she has to disappear so they leave. On Jane and Dennis’ date, it turns out to be awkward since they can’t find anything else to talk about that isn’t awkward. Unbeknownst to them, Jorge and Alba are hiding as they watch out for them.

Petra goes to apologize to Chuck, but he isn’t having it. When he tells her that the bar is not her type of environment, she goes to ride on a bull. But she takes a hard fall to the floor and loses a tooth.

Jane continues her date with Dennis and it seems to go well. But when it looks like they are getting closer, she leaves. After calling Rafael and explaining she may not have been ready to kiss anyone after Michael, he tells her to talk to Dennis. It also turns out that Dennis was wanting to kiss someone so he could do so for the first time after his own break up.

At home, Jane sees her parents acting very much in love. Rogelio was able to settle as long as his salary from the telenovela went to paying it off. Jane learns they had sex and are back together.

Rafael gets Petra a dentist appointment and he appears to be falling for her again. However, their moment is interrupted when Chuck comes to see Petra. Rafael watches them reunite.

At work, Dennis and Dana read an e-mail Petra was sending. It turns out they had baited her to see that she actually has been in contact with Anezka. They think Anezka is the one who killed Scott and Petra is protecting her.

Jane and Xo talk while waiting for her dad to start shooting. Alba comes in wearing the same dress from her date but she swears nothing happened. They begin to watch when his new co-star, Fabian is brought in. It is clear Jane is definitely interested in him.

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