Mariah Carey and Brian Tanaka end whatever that relationship they had was

Well now the questions of are they or aren't they together will switch to were they or weren't they ever really together, because Mariah Carey and Brian Tanaka have ended whatever that was.

According to TMZ, the reason for the split was because Carey was fed up with Tanaka's jealousy over her realtionship with her children's father, Nick Cannon. The two have maintained a very good co-parenting relationship over the years but apparently Tanaka wasn't a fan how friendly they are with one another. The pair has done parties and even went on vacations together in the past and Tanaka didn't like it.

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Sources told the media outlet that Tanaka really wasn't having it when Mimi and Cannon took their twins to the Kids' Choice Awards a few weeks back. But another reason for their breakup is reportedly because Tanaka had very expensive taste and had the diva footing the bill for his Gucci and Balmain attire as well as some pretty pricey jewelry and watches. Carey was said to finally be fed up with that and was also upset because she felt that her backup dancer used her and any relationship with her to become famous.

Tanaka and Carey got together several months ago, not long after her engagement to James Packer was called off. It was all detailed and timed perfectly with on her show Mariah's World, which led many to believe that the whole thing was made up. Either way, it's over now and we'll all be looking out for who the new the man in Mimi's life is going to be.

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