Minnie Driver’s neighbor wishes cancer on actress after feud

Minnie Driver might want to move after feuding with her neighbor, Daniel Perelmutter, over a wall between their homes.

According to the Daily Mail, in January, a Los Angeles judge ordered Perelmutter to knock down the wall and rebuild it six feet closer to his house. Building the wall six feet closer to his house widens the driveway he shares with Driver back to its original 20 feet. The neighbor’s feud with the Good Will Hunting star cost him $200,000 in legal fees and now he says hopes that the actress gets cancer.

"She won - and I hope she spends every dollar on chemotherapy,” he said.

The feud started in 2014 when the neighbor started building a house on the property that was adjacent to Driver’s house. The actress accused Perelmutter of blocking her driveway with construction crews and frightening her and her son, according to Yahoo. The neighbor claimed that Driver then verbally abused him and threw jars filled with black paint at the wall.

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While Driver won the battle over the wall, this feud is far from over because Perelmutter is suing the star for harassment.

"She’s destroyed my property, she’s harassed me, she’s trespassed - she’s made my life a living hell," he said. "I’m going to pursue that lawsuit against her as hard as I can."

That case is scheduled to go to trial next month.

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