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MIRAS premieres sultry new single 'Dilemma'

Swedish singer Mira Edlund—also known as MIRAS—made her way to the United States in 2015, hoping to break into the L.A. pop music scene. Her first single, "Something I Don't Know," proved her R&B inspired, electronic style is the perfect fit for long nights on neon nightclub floors. MIRAS' latest single, "Dilemma," is an energetic departure from her previous slow-burning work. With hypnotic synthesizers driving the melody, "Dilemma" was made specifically to get stuck in your head.

Though the song itself is not necessarily complex, "Dilemma" shows MIRAS has the potential to be a Top 40 contender someday. Her voice is distinct and generic at the same time, making her a prime candidate for features on the next big hit from major EDM producers like the Chainsmokers or Avicii. The strength of MIRAS is in her simplistic approach to her music. With "Dilemma," it seems as though she has an expert knowledge of what makes a successful pop song: simple, catchy lyrics and a sweeping, danceable hook.

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Even in the short time between the release of "Something I Don't Know" and "Dilemma," there is evidence of improvement in MIRAS' soulful vocal technique. She may be under the radar at the moment, but she won't be for long.

Check out "Dilemma" below, and keep up with MIRAS for more!

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