Must Watch Music Videos – Travis Scott, Oh Wonder, Major Lazer

We have Travis Scott featuring Kendrick Lamar, Oh Wonder and Major Lazer – among others – to help get you moving this week in our Must Watch Music Videos.


Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of our Must Watch Music Videos. Here, we give you 10 of our favorite new clips from across many genres but all in one place. This morning, we figure you’ll really need it. Whether you celebrate Passover, Easter (got dragged into someone else’s Passover or Easter), or simply spring break unto itself, it’s likely that you’re taking a food coma, sugar crash or pure hangover into this Monday. No fun at all. Worth it. But no fun at all.

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Contemplating how in the world you’re going to make it through the workday? We got you. We have Travis Scott, featuring Kendrick Lamar, with a trippy little number for you. Oh Wonder makes an appearance with a peppy and lighthearted clip this week, while Major Lazer will get you dancing. No matter what you’re into, there’s something on this list to get your head just a little clearer and your feet a smidge closer to the ground.

So take a moment and let these artists motivate you on this (especially difficult) Monday!

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