Nanny who Mel B claims her husband impregnated sues for defamation

The nanny who Mel B said her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, got pregnant is now suing the star for defamation.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit being filed by Lorraine Gilles claims that Mel B, whose full name is Melanie Brown, told lies about her in her divorce case.

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As we reported, the America's Got Talent judge had just recently got a restraining order against Gilles after she claimed that the former nanny was once impregnated by Belafonte and that the two are in cahoots to try and destroy Mel's reputation.

Brown previously alleged that Belafonte forced her into having threesomes and then recorded them, she also said that Gilles in now in possession of those tapes and they are being held in a storage locker Gilles had rented. One of the orders recently granted gives the former Spice Girl's lawyers access to that locker.

Usually Gilles would not be able to sue Mel for something alleged in court docs, however, because she is considered a third party in the former couple's divorce case a provision in California law allows a third party to do so when a claim is made against them.

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