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Nina Dobrev nails 90-second makeup challenge (Video)

For People magazine's "World's Most Beautiful" coverage, Nina Dobrev showed off her makeup skills in a quickie challenge!

The 28-year-old started off with a bare face and took the challenge of doing her makeup in just 90 seconds.

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"Game on," the actress says, as she holds an eyebrow pencil.

After filling in her brows first, The Vampire Diaries star lined her lids. Though a bit messy and smudged, she continues on with just under 80 seconds left.

Then, she proceeded to put on blush on the apples of her cheeks.

"Concealer for the undereye ..." Nina quipped, as she blended her concealer. "For those of us who were ex-vampires and don't sleep a lot."

With 10 seconds left, she applies a pinky shade of lip gloss slowly and puckers last for the camera.

"At the end of the day, you are what makes you beautiful," Nina tells People. "Your personality, your aura and who you naturally are."

She also tells the magazine that having a lot of makeup on means she's usually working, but at home, she allows her skin to just breathe.

"Your smile is your best accessory, and I try to wear it every day if I can,” says Nina.

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