Top 10 face masks you should be making

When you go to the spa, it's undeniable that face masks are the best part. From hydrating to acne care, rejuvenating to pore minimizing, they're used for so many purposes.

There's nothing like having your skin pampered and taken care of. But sometimes this can be expensive. So before you limit yourself to considering face masks as spa-only luxuries, remember that they are best when they're homemade. In fact, you can take pleasure and enjoy skincare benefits without leaving your house.

From drugstore brands to high-end brands, the best face masks are the ones you make yourself. Sometimes buying masks from the store can be harmful because you don't know all the ingredients that are used to make it. So using natural ingredients is essential to forming proper skincare practices. Whether you're looking for a mask to treat acne or a natural one to revitalize your skin, look at this list and find the one that's perfect for you.

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