Wale releases his new album 'Shine'

Rapper Wale surprised his fans on Thursday, April 27, by releasing his fifth album Shine.

The album, which was originally slated to be out on May 5, was released just over a week early noted ComplexShine includes new songs from Wale in "Thank God" and "CC White." It also features other artists like G-Eazy, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and WizKid. The new release even features a contribution by Wale's 1-year-old daughter, Zyla.

While the release of the album on Thursday may have been unexpected, Wale did hint at his intent to release the album prior to the inital May 5 date. During the album listening party Wale quipped "I'm dropping this bitch on Friday." The hip-hop artist has been teasing the new record since last summer when he released the first single off the album "My P.Y.T." featuring Sam Sneak.

Wale will also be taking his act on the road, headlining the Shine Tour, which is set to begin on May 5 in Atlanta and will conclude in Washinton D.C.—Wale's hometown. Shine is currently available on Apple Music and iTunes and you can also listen to the album below via Spotify.


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