Amber Rose's house broken into while she slept inside

Amber Rose has become the latest victim to have her house broken into following a string of other invasions that have been plaguing Hollywood celebs over the past several months. The model's situation is different than most though because she was actually home while an intruder stayed inside the house for hours while as she slept in her bedroom.

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TMZ was the first to report that a man broke into Rose's home on Wednesday, May 17, while she and her son, Sebastian, were asleep inside. According to the media outlet, her mother, assistant and even her bodyguards were also all there at the time he got in. The perpetrator allegedly busted a window in her kitchen and went through her pantry to gain access to her house that way. However, he did not steal any property but stayed inside the home for four hours.

Sources said that Rose's assistant got up to cook a meal while the perp was still somewhere in the house.

The Loveline host realized that someone had broken in when she checked her security cameras sometime later and actually saw the man entering and exiting. She immediately called the police and they are investigating the incident.

This news about Rose's home being broken into comes a few hours after the news that rapper A$AP Rocky's house, which is just a few miles away from Amber's property, was burglarized by an armed robber. It also comes just a few months after the homes of Kendall Jenner, Jaime Pressly and Caesar Milan were robbed.

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  1. Scary! This is why you always set your alarm system to ‘away’ so it makes a ton of noise >,<

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