Angelenos get a taste of the Museum of Ice Cream

After a successful run in New York, the Museum of Ice Cream set its eyes on Los Angeles with a sold-out crowd through July.

From a scratch and sniff wall to a mint greenhouse, guests walked through the magical doors, filled with free chocolate, gummy bears and of course, ice cream.

The pop art exhibit, filled with 10,000 dangling bananas transitions to a room filled with life-size gummy bears.

With an ice cream expert in each room offering you free generous samples, it's heaven for any kid.

Do you technically learn anything at the ice cream museum? Not really.

Courtesy of May Chan

Without interaction, the exhibit is just an hour to kill time. However, if you suspend your adulthood for just a second and submerge yourself in the cheesiness (there's no cheese at this museum), it's a lot of fun.

After posing with gigantic melting popsicles, you take in the artsy chocolate ice cream cones on the wall.

The grand finale is the sprinkles pool with 100 million sprinkles. Although the sprinkles are not real in nature, the sticky surface of the pool perimeter seems counterintuitive of the fact.

While the website claims that the sprinkles, made out of "antimicrobial plastics," are cleaned daily how much is true? We don't know. The one thing we do know is that you'll find sprinkles wedged between unexpected places once you're out of there.

Courtesy of May Chan

If you're a good sport about hamming it up for cameras, the Museum of Ice Cream is worth going.

Adult tickets are priced at $29 each. Tickets for children and seniors are priced at $18 each. Keep an eye out at a later time to see if tickets are available here.

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