'Criminal Minds:' Top 10 moments from 'Green Light'

On the last episode of Criminal Minds, the team had to go far back in their memories to remember Lindsey Vaughan from 10 years ago in order to help Reid now. With Diana missing, it is a race for the team to get Reid out of prison and to find his mother. Now that the inmates who Reid had poisoned are out of the infirmary, his safety is their top priority.

In addition to learning about Lindsey’s activities since leaving witness protection, we also saw the team learn that everything they thought they knew about the case was off, forcing them to take a different look at the case. It was clear in this episode just how much the team wanted Reid back and we had some great moments, including JJ steadfastly standing by her best friend.

There are still so many questions we have about the case and how things began to play out, bringing Reid into the situation he was in. Next week, we will have the return of Derek Morgan for the season finale. In the meantime, check out the top 10 moments from “Green Light.”

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