'Criminal Minds:' Top 10 moments from 'Red Light'

Last night episode of Criminal Minds found Reid playing a game of cat and mouse with Cat in an effort to save his mother’s life. Cat wanted Reid to confess to a secret he has been keeping, but he has to guess correctly or Lindsey will kill Diana. While this is all happening, the team struggles to figure out where Lindsey is going and Emily does what she can to bring an end to this once and for all.

As the team is figuring everything out, we also get a visit from a familiar face in the form of Derek Morgan. He comes to his former teammates and friends with information that could help them find Mr. Scratch.

The season finale didn’t have all of the action the show is known for, but it did bring an end to the prison storyline. Of course, it’s not over for Reid who still has to deal with the consequences of being in the situation he was in. And with the cliffhanger at the end of the show, we have plenty in store next season. For now, relive the moments from “Red Light” as we say goodbye to season 12 and head into season 13.

10. A game

Cat tells Reid she will reveal whether his mother will live as long as he plays one of her games. Knowing this is her way of keeping control, Reid agrees to play but he is careful with how he words his guesses, knowing that he only has one chance to get it right.

9. Alert

Unable to find any leads in finding Diana, Emily decides to use the Amber Alert system to put Lindsey’s face out as an abductor. Penelope is very reluctant but helps, until Emily kicks her out of her office in order to free her of any culpability.

8. Gun shop

Tara and Stephen question a gun shop owner, but he refuses to talk and cites multiple court laws as his reasons for not revealing information about Lindsey, other than the fact she is engaged. When he brings up one in particular, Emily later realizes it involved LGBTQ rights and it leads to the conclusion that Cat and Lindsey were lovers.

7. Baby?

While talking to Cat, she claims that she got Lindsey to get him off in Mexico so she could get his sperm and be pregnant with his baby. JJ verifies she is pregnant, but they both refuse to believe it is Reid’s. However, Reid keeps playing the game, pretending that he might believe her.

6. Car explosion

Reid wants proof of life to he has Cat call Lindsey, who is at a gas station. At the same time, she sees the amber alert with her face on it and is worried a man at the gas station will recognize her. While on the call with Reid, she finishes pouring gasoline on the vehicle and causes an explosion, leading Reid to worry he has heard his mom die.

5. JJ and Reid

After attacking Cat and nearly choking her, only stopping thanks to JJ, Reid takes some time to sit and think. JJ comes to let him know that Diana’s body was not found in the explosion and she might be alive. He is feeling distraught about the way things are going and he tells JJ about her not knowing what he has done. JJ does know and makes a point that she would have done the same thing in his situation. The talk seems to invigorate Reid as he realizes what Cat is trying to get him to say.

4. Dance

Reid has Cat dance with him so he can talk to her without anyone listening, or so he says. He knows the secret she thinks he wants her to hear. In the meantime, the team has discovered Cat was able to get information from Reid’s personnel file thanks to Lionel Wilkins, who worked at both hers and Reid’s prisons and is likely the actual father of her baby. Eventually, the team finds Lindsey just before she can kill Diana and they show her the video of Cat and Reid to show that Cat has been playing her, too.

3. Reunited

Reid returns to the BAU to see his mother there. She appears stoic at first until Emily whispers that it is really Spencer. Diana rushes into his arms and they share their long awaited reunion.

2. Derek’s return

Emily gets a message about Derek being in her office. He got a text that was supposedly from Penelope about Reid being in a safehouse. After he is reunited with the team, sans Reid, they head to the location where Scratch could be while Derek has a moment with Garcia.

1. Trap

In their vehicles, the team head to the location and are prepared to find traps there. However, they fail to realize a trap is already set and their vehicles are sabotaged thanks to road spikes before a truck barrels into them.

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