Elliot Moss slings hits on new record 'Boomerang'

If the last few years have proven anything, it's that this is the era of the music producer. Usually multi-talented instrumentalists, the modern day producer is more than just a silhouette behind a drum machine. Artists James Blake, Francis & the Lights and Sohn have revolutionized the role of the producer, showing off their songwriting through stunning works of composition. New York based artist Elliot Moss is still relatively under the radar, but will surely rank among those names soon enough. His new EP Boomerang demonstrates his finely tuned neo-soul style.

Moss first sparked interest amongst alternative radio stations in 2015 with the hypnotic and rhythmic single, "Slip." The song is a subtle, slow-burning recalls James Blake's career-defining "Retrograde" without being a complete imitation. Two years later and Moss has created an even more individualized sound on Boomerang, an immersive seven-track EP. Though he excels in instrumentation, Moss' smooth, soulful voice acts as his secret weapon on this record.

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Moss' background as a visual artist contributes to his intricate attention to detail. Boomerang is built on contrasting concepts, evident from the battling red and blue tones on the album cover itself. The EP experiments with warm and cool, dark and light, moving back and forth like a boomerang between deep and shallow sound. No track demonstrates this texture better than soulful standout, "99." The synth-driven song is equally minimalistic and complex, playing with layers of Moss' haunting vocal over an electronic melody.

Title track "Boomerang" is a chilling modern lullaby that transitions seamlessly into the brief, yet soothing interlude "My Statue Sinking." The second half of the EP relies more heavily on vocal distortion, but Moss uses it more as an accent than a crutch. Boomerang is an impressive sophomore work from an innovative and expansive artist with the potential for a meteoric rise to the top of the charts.

Listen to "99" below and don't miss Elliot Moss on tour this summer!

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