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'Empire' S3 Ep 15 'Civil Hands Unclean'

In the aftermath of Cookie rejecting Angelo's proposal, she goes to Lucious to tell him the "good" news, but Lucious has started up a relationship with Giuliana, once again leaving Cookie heartbroken. Again, Lucious looked way too uncomfortable with Giuliana for me to believe they're legit. I don't care what the flashbacks say. Something's afoot.

Andre is furious with Lucious for cutting Nessa from the gaming commissioner show and tells Shine to get his men ready to kill him. Cookie stops Andre and tells him to let her handle things so that they can get Lucious on their side while also demonstrating her kitchen skills by softening Shine's crew up with a home cooked soul food dinner—peach cobbler and all.

In between trying to win Lucious back and throwing down in the kitchen, Cookie also attempts to smooth things over with Angelo, who along with his mother has taken up trolling Lucious and Empire as his new pastime. Angelo shuts down Leviticus and lashes out at Cookie when she attempts to apologize to him. So maybe Angelo is truly no angel. In an effort to patch things up with Angelo and right the wrongs of his family, Jamal offers Angelo a $5 million anonymous donation to his family's endowed scholarship which Angelo, after some cajoling, seems to accept.

Meanwhile, Hakeem approaches Lucious and tells him he wants his name on Bella's certificate. Lucious maintains that just because Hakeem is Bella's father it doesn't mean he's prepared to assume the full responsibility of raising her. After sulking about Lucious' rejection and having some sexy bubble bath fun with Tiana and Tori, Hakeem releases another livestream song on Jamal's channel. This one's about leveling up and being an elevated human being ... I think, sometimes Hakeem's wokeness is hard for me to keep up with.

Jamal and Lucious continue to work on their rivaling projects but both seem to be missing something. Lucious is also wooing Snoop Dogg (guest starring as himself) to enter into his Vegas deal but Snoop also notices that Inferno isn't quite there yet and insists that Lucious needs to include Jamal on the project. Jamal refuses at first but after realizing that Lucious' arrangements are what his songs need, Jamal agrees to work with him.

Finally, the Lyon family convenes around the dinner table at Lucious' mansion (thankfully sans Giuliana, who is in Vegas on business). Lucious thanks Anika for all she's done for him and his family by offering her divorce papers plus a $25 million settlement (Cookie is not pleased), which she gladly accepts. He places Hakeem's name on Bella's birth certificate (after making a pretty funny quip that Hakeem is adopted) and gives him back his Xtream channel. All seems to be well in the Lyon family until authorities barge in and take Bella from a tearful Anika after receiving reports of child endangerment. Chaos ensues and Lucious immediately suspects the DuBois family.

And that was just one episode.


Other things we learned from this episode:

  • Lucious doesn't know the difference between a livestream and a podcast.
  • Cookie makes a mean peach cobbler.
  • Laundromats, like Ferris wheels, are also excellent places for dirty dealings.
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