'The Flash:' Top 10 moments from 'Cause & Effect'

This week’s episode of The Flash found the team trying to determine how they would stop Savitar if he knew everything Barry would try to do to defeat him. Cisco has an idea he think will work and that is to prevent Barry from making new memories. Unfortunately, this leads him to losing his memories completely.

Because of his memory loss, Barry can’t remember being The Flash and to make matters worse, he is called to testify in the court trial for a man known as Heat Monger to stop his release. Being the CSI on the case, he was critical to the investigation but he isn’t in the best position to stop him.

Meanwhile, HR continues to help Tracy create the speed force cannon that will hopefully stop Savitar before he can kill Iris. Of course, they all still need to get Barry’s memories back. Iris finds herself conflicted when she sees how happy Barry is without the worry he has over everything that has occurred in his life.

It was refreshing to get a look at Barry without the worries he has held throughout his life. But having The Flash is what the city and Iris need. With just two episodes until the season finale, we’re taking a look at the top 10 moments from “Cause & Effect.”

10. Time remnant

During his confrontation with Savitar, Barry learns that the Barry Allen in the suit is a time remnant created during one of his times time traveling. He finds out that due to this, anything he does to try and stop Savitar is already known to him since he has been through it himself.

9. Closed loop

In order to try and explain to Team Flash how it’s possible Barry is Savitar, Cisco explains it to them the best he can. He then comes to a decision on how they can stop Savitar so that he doesn’t know what the team will do to stop them.

8. Memory loss

Cisco’s plan is to stop new memories from forming for Barry. However, he inadvertently causes Barry to lose all of his memories. This also affects Savitar, who forgets who he is as well.

7. Trial

Of course, Barry’s memory loss comes when a prisoner known as Heat Monger is up for possible release. He has a court appearance coming up and Barry needs to testify. Julian and Cisco come up with a way to help him testify, but he ends up fumbling the entire thing and Heat Monger is released.

6. Date

Barry and Iris go out to have coffee and she notices how carefree and happy he is. It begins to make her consider how he hadn’t been that carefree since before his parents died.

5. Killer Frost

Killer Frost comes to the team to discuss returning Barry’s memories since Savitar can’t remember who he is either. However, they are conflicted since this would also give Savitar his memories back. There is also the issue that Barry can’t remember being a superhero.

4. Kiss

While working on the speed force cannon with Tracy, HR becomes closer with her and they end up sharing a kiss.

3. Memories

While working with Julian and Cisco, Caitlin listens as Cisco begins talking about a memory of working with Ronnie and Caitlin before the particle accelerator exploded. It is clear she is affected by the memory but Killer Frost stays stoic, even ignoring Julian later on when he reveals he loves her.

2. Fire

Just as Iris is thinking the city can handle life without Flash, the team gets word that Heat Monger started a fire at a building. Barry, feeling guilty for what he did in getting him released, rushes to the scene despite not having his memories. Iris helps him along by reminding him of the time he came to live with them after his mom died. This triggers his memory return and Wally is able to come help save the day.

1. Speed force bazooka

Tracy and H.R. show the team the speed force bazooka they have created. However, in order to trap Savitar, they need to obtain energy power higher than the sun. There is a place they can get it; where King Shark resides.

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