'The Flash:' Top 10 moments from 'Infantino Street'

The second to last episode of The Flash took place 24 hours before Iris West was supposed to die. Everyone on Team Flash was awake at midnight, doing different things as they prepared for the battle they hoped would save their friend. When Cisco was able to find that the device they needed was a piece of Dominator technology and that it was in A.R.G.U.S., they called upon Lyla Diggle to see if they could have it.

Unfortunately because of Barry’s involvement in Flashpoint, she didn’t want to risk further harm to anyone else. So Barry makes a decision to go back in time to find Leonard Snart, who is dead if you recall and break into the most secure base, more secure than the Pentagon according to Iris.

As the team makes their plan, Barry avoids listening so Savitar won’t catch wind of what he is doing. But when a critical mistake is made, someone feels guilty and everyone has to step up on their game. Did the team save her? What will happen next week in the season finale?

While we wait a few more days to find out, check out the top 10 moments from “Infantino Street.”

10. No help

Barry and Cisco go to Lyla for help saving Iris, but she does not want the device to get into the wrong hands and end up hurting anyone else. Of course, Barry just has to mention how he caused her daughter to no longer exist, which she then tells him she is mainly upset over why it happened.

9. Snart

Barry decides that in order to get the device to save Iris, he needs to go back into time to find Snart. When the team learns what he does, they are not thrilled since he said he wouldn’t time travel again, but he is desperate. He also tells them he will make sure to put him back where he belongs. Just don’t tell him he dies, okay?

8. Hiding

In order to try and prevent Iris from being taken or killed, the team suggests putting her in hiding. So Barry is unaware of where she is, they go in secret to Earth-2, but not before Iris and Barry share what could be their last moment together.

7. Breaking in

Barry and Snart successfully break into A.R.G.U.S. but almost get in trouble when Barry as Lyla doesn’t know her code. However, they get past and make their way down to where the device is being protected by none other than King Shark.

6. Memories

Iris and Joe share a sweet moment together, where they talk about secrets they did not know about one another. When Iris brings up a song he used to sing, Joe sings it and they dance together.

5. King Shark

Barry is almost ready to use the cold gun on King Shark to freeze him, but Snart uses his knowledge from Shark Week that sharks are warm-blooded so the cold gun won’t affect him. However, they can lower the temperature of the room. They are able to get inside and get the device, but this sets off security. Snart nearly becomes trapped with King Shark, but Barry rescues him and they are found by Lyla. Seeing how Barry had saved Snart, she gives him the device anyway.

4. Purpose

While spending time with Tracy, who he has been getting closer to, H.R. talks about how the team has given him purpose and he wants her to join their team. She accepts and they share a kiss.

3. Tricked

When The Flash arrives to say they got the device, his first question is about where Iris is. Not seeing his face, H.R. tells him but it turns out to be Savitar. Wracked with guilt, they can only stand by helplessly as Savitar goes to take Iris away.

2. Vibe

Cisco gets ready for the battle and he shares a moment with H.R., who is devastated and upset over his actions. Even though Cisco tries to calm him down, he feels terrible but Cisco tells him how dependable he is for them. Once he leaves, he is about to head out when he gets a vibe of Killer Frost. Realizing he has to face her, Barry also encourages him to go.

1. The battle

Barry and Savitar meet on Infantino Street with Tracy and Joe keeping overwatch. The one person we don’t see is H.R., strangely enough, but they are sure their plan will work. But when Barry uses the bazooka on Savitar, he is able to fight against it as Iris looks on helplessly. Barry tries to get to her, but is not fast enough as Savitar stabs her. A voiceover and video montage shows Iris saying goodbye to Barry the night before into his phone and reciting her vows.

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