Is Brentwood's Pizzana a slice of heaven or a dud?

You know when word spreads in the office that there's pizza in the break room and you're skeptical why it's there? That's Pizzana with its Instagram billed with more photos of stars than pizza.

Even though the affluent neighborhood is littered with pizzerias, Pizzana is the brainchild of Sprinkles Cupcakes' Candace Nelson and her husband, Charles, along with NCIS: Los Angeles actor Chris O'Donnell and his wife, Caroline.

On this Sunday morning, right before the lunch time bustle, the establishment sits on San Vicente Boulevard amidst Brentwood's Art Festival crowd.

When you enter the pizza spot, the inviting blue landscape lures you to sit down and take in its menu.

Let's preface by saying that what differentiates Pizzana from nearby pizza places is its dough formed the "Neapolitan" way (traditionally a 10-12 inch personal size) and fermented for 48 hours.

Courtesy of May Chan

We ordered the Uovo pizza ($19), which consisted of fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto crudo, bacon jam, arugula and an egg.

Upon breaking the egg, it's like paint strokes of yolk melting into the crust, kneaded from organic stone ground Italian flour. The result are slices of pizza you want to savor because of the fresh ingredients.

Prior to bringing out our pizza, our waitress brought us the Pate Di Fegatini ($13), an appetizer composed of homemade chicken liver pate, San Marzano jam and wood fired bread.

Courtesy of May Chan

Again, the place prizes itself for its fresh components, like its San Marzano tomatoes purposely grown in Naples for this sophisticated occasion.

That's not to say that Pizzana's not kid-friendly, as we saw indecisive groups of kids trickling in to devour their wood-fired meatballs and fried zucchini.

Let's not forget their dessert, which will get your palette salivating if you don't want to travel down to Sprinkles. We suggest trying the Panna Cotta with its salted caramel pretzel for its creamy vanilla goodness.

While Pizzana excels at delivering pizza for the stars, like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner, is it the best for us mere mortals, who have to curse through L.A. traffic to get here? We're not quite sure.

However, we're not opposed to returning to try the other wood-fired pizzas once the hype dies.

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