'Jane The Virgin' recap- 'Chapter Sixty-Three'

The last episode of Jane The Virgin focused on how Jane had grown up to stop believing in fairy tales and focus on the trials and tribulations people went through to stick together. After putting Mateo to bed, she finds her parents talking about their own fairy tale wedding, complete with a carriage and a tiara for Jane to wear as maid of honor.

Alba, of course, wants to make sure God is present in the wedding and is not pleased when Jane reminds her it is their big day, which is supposed to take place in two weeks. Jane then gets a call from Fabian, who she is trying to avoid when he begins to try and take their relationship further.

When she talks to Rafael about this, he then asks for her opinion about if he should be with Petra, but she tries to stay out of it. It’s even more difficult when Petra asks as well, but Jane wants to stay out of it and claims to have no opnion. Of course, she tells Alba exactly what a bad idea it is, but she does not want to get in the middle of things.

Jane meets her parents’ wedding planners, Jean and Luc. But when they talk about how her mom can’t have a fairy tale wedding, she disagrees with them and ends up causing them to walk out and quit just as Rogelio and Xo get home.

Jane offers to be a wedding planner for her parents since the other two are gone now. Later on, she asks Rafael to pick up Mateo and he lets Krishna know, who reminds him about his annual screening with his oncologist. Petra urges him to make the appointment and then they find out Luisa is going to call him.

We learn that the police sketch from Chuck’s interview was Luisa’s girlfriend, “Eileen,” making Rafael realize Rose had to be connected. He makes the call with the police there, but Rose is timing the call and forces Luisa to hang up before they can trace it.

Jane works with her mom on white horses for the wedding when someone comes to the door. It turns out to be Petra, who wants to talk to Jane about the situation. She talks about all the reasons they shouldn’t be together and Jane reluctantly admits that Petra makes sense.

On her dad’s set, Jane talks to Rogelio about not having lavender cakes before telling him that she is trying to end things with Fabian. He asks if he is sure since he invited Fabian to the wedding, but he may not have seen the invitation yet. Jane then goes to Fabian’s dressing room to get it before he can spot it. However, Fabian comes into the room just as she grabs the invitation.

Jane notices a poster of Fabian on a white horse and learns he still knows the horse trainer from that show. He offers to help her to rent a couple of white horses and when he asks why she is in his room, she gives him the wedding invitation.

Alba is not pleased over Jane using Fabian, despite Jane saying she isn’t really lying and will see if they can work out after the wedding. Unbeknowst to Jane, Rogelio unwittingly tells Fabian that Jane wanted to break up, not realizing he was upset about something else.

Petra goes to talk to Rafael, telling him that she talked to a friend and doesn’t think they should be in a relationship again. He realizes this is Jane and when he goes to the school where she is waiting for Mateo, Rafael arrives to confront her. Jane reminds him that he asked her to get involved. After she leaves, his phone rings and it is his oncologist.

Fabian decides to sabotage the shoot by keeping Rogelio from getting to his appointment with Xo. Then, we also see he has led Jane to an abandoned field where geese chase her. Jane talks to her mom about what happened and promises she will fix things, not wanting to cancel the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Rafael is on the phone with Luisa, claiming his cancer is back to get her to come back to the Marbella. But Petra overhears and thinks he is actually sick again.

Jane goes to her father’s set to try to work things out with Fabian, but when he calls her a slut, Rogelio wants to defend her honor. They begin fighting in the parking lot and Jane goes to stop it. Jane gets Fabian to calm down, telling him that being with him did mean something. But just as she thinks things are fine, Fabian goes to punch Rogelio so Jane punches him. Both men then refuse to work with another.

Petra sees Rafael and confronts him about not telling her he was sick. Rafael quickly lets her know he was just saying it to get Luisa back to Miami. Relieved that he is just fine, Petra hugs him. At the performance, the parents excitedly greet the kids. Jane and Rafael make up before Jane leaves to work on the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Unfortunately for Xo, Rogelio has to work since the big bosses are keeping an eye on them. Xo is not happy about this and she cancels the party to just spend it with Jane. They get very drunk and pour their hearts out to each other. When there’s a knock on the door, they discover Jane forgot to cancel the stripper so they go with it and enjoy the night.

Rogelio soon arrives after getting a text from Jane that he needs to prioritize her mom. He leads her out of the Marbella to a horse drawn carriage and then he gets a text that Ricky Martin will officiate their wedding.

Jane talks to Rafael and Petra simultaneously about taking a risk and being together once more. As Rafael goes to Petra, Jane’s parents come back to ask her to be their wedding officiate.

As this is all happening, Luisa returns with “Eileen,” which turns out to be a trap for the police. Dennis removes the mask to find Rose underneath as he arrests her to Luisa’s cries.

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