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'Jane The Virgin' recap- 'Chapter Sixty-Two'

The latest episode of Jane The Virgin saw Jane getting the news that she had a chance to write a guest column for Cosmopolitan online about being a widow and dating. She eagerly accepts, telling her mom she feels like Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Her happiness doesn’t last long as she is splashed with muddy water thanks to a bus passing by.

Jane and her mom arrive to Rogelio’s talking about the news, but he thinks Xo told her about the engagement. Xo tells him she didn’t and then they tell her, much to Jane’s delight. They inform her they are having a small ceremony and then Rogelio has to get back to work.

In the truck on the way to Pensacola, Petra wakes up after falling asleep and asks to use the charger, but he doesn’t have one for the truck. He then pulls off the highway to take a shortcut.

At her house, Jane works on her column before being interrupted by Rafael coming by with the kids. After he leaves with the twins, Jane talks to Xo about wedding dress shopping, but she already has a dress from a birthday party. Jane is preparing for a date with Fabian, who has a surprise for her.

It turns out Fabian is really getting into reading books and discussing them with Jane, but she is worried that he is not interested in her romantically. He tells her it’s the opposite and he has been burying himself in books because he is so attracted to her. Fabian tells her he wants to have sex with her.

Things are getting hot and heavy so Jane goes to the bathroom to get herself prepared. However, Jane gets a call that Mateo needs her. Once she leaves, after getting a full view of Fabian’s desire for her, she goes to see her son. It turns out someone at school referred to him as “artificial,” leading to questions about how babies are made.

After getting lost, Petra and Chuck stop somewhere and she plugs her phone in to charge it. He leaves to go get things out of the car and she checks her voicemails, surprised when she hears his message declaring he has feelings for her. As she finishes listening, at his suite, Rafael sees Dennis and the police, who inform him Chuck might be J.P. He immediately calls Petra but she sends the call to voicemail as Chuck comes back.

Petra tries to escape from Chuck after calling Rafael and telling him where she is. She runs off but Chuck finds her, telling her he did know Scott but he didn’t kill him. He also claims that he has been trying to tell her she loves him, but they are interrupted when the police arrive.

Jane realizes her “special hug” talk backfired when Mateo began telling the girls at his school they were having his baby. She told Rafael about it before telling him to let Petra know she’s there for her if she needs anything.

Petra asks Rafael if he thinks Chuck is a killer, but he isn’t too sure although he points out he lied to the police. In interrogation with his lawyer, Chuck tells them he didn’t see Scott that night but ran into a lady at the beach who gave him a shell bracelet. His lawyer tells them he’ll talk to a sketch artist as long as the other charges are dropped.

Jane talks to Mateo about how special hugs are for grownups who love each other and when he asks how he was made, she quickly diverts the topic.

Later, she gets ready for her date with Fabian as Xo watches. She even wears a sexy dress with no underwear. When she arrives, however, Fabian has brought his grandmother to meet her. She has to carefully adjust her dress so no one notices how little she has on.

She soon lets her family know she will end it with Fabian since they are not completely on the same page. When Rogelio mentions a date with the courthouse, Jane is surprised they are having such a small wedding. Xo claims to have never dreamed of a big wedding, but Alba tells her differently with a reminder about a wedding scrapbook she made.

It turns out that when Xo and Rogelio got engaged, they decided not to do a big wedding because they didn’t want to remind Jane of her day with Michael and be upset. Alba is touched by how loving they were to their daughter.

Jane talks to Rafael about how they will discuss their unique baby making situation with Mateo. Then Jane goes to break up with Fabian and is stunned when he declares during an interview how crazy he is about her. She is embarrassed and admits that she just wanted to have sex, which upsets him that it was all she wanted.

In bed with Mateo, Jane and Rafael manage to tell their story to Mateo and he refers to himself as a miracle, much to their delight. Once he begins to fall asleep, they text each other to communicate and she asks what he will do about his situation with Petra. Just as they try to leave, Mateo declares he hasn’t fallen asleep yet.

Going to her father’s set blessing, Jane is surprised when Fabian tells her they need to pretend to be dating since his couch jumping ala Tom Cruise went viral. Jane reluctantly agrees to act like they are still together. But she is unable to handle the interviews and tells Fabian that despite his claim, he never actually was in love with her, just the idea of her being a good girl enough for his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Jorge and Alba enjoy time at the set with her revealing her love for telenovelas stemmed from using the time to be close to Xo since they used to fight a lot. They end up declaring their love for each other. Jane comes over and asks how come her parents won’t do a big wedding. An excited Alba gets her over to her parents, who are surprised to see Jane does want them to have a big wedding. They agree, although Xo reminds him not to get crazy.

Fabian comes to apologize to Jane and they both talk out the assumptions they made about one another. They admit to wanting to have sex and agree to meet up. However, Jane is trying to psyche herself up so she calls her mom for advice. Once Xo gets her daughter to go to Fabian, she meets up with Rogelio about wedding ideas. After she leaves, we see someone is watching Rogelio. At Fabian’s place, Jane and Fabian have sex.

After heading home, Jane tells Rafael about her night before he hangs up to check on Petra. She ends up revealing she did hear his message and he tells her he wants to be with her. But before she can respond, Dennis arrives with Chuck’s composite sketch. Both Petra and Rafael are stunned to see who it is, although the audience can’t see the sketch yet. To be continued.

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