'NCIS: Los Angeles:' Top 10 moments from the season finale 'Unleashed'

The season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles aired and saw Sam Hanna going rogue in an effort to find Tahir Khaled. Unbeknowst to Sam, Tahir hijacked the coroner’s van that was transporting Michelle’s body to the morgue and the rest of the team desperately searched for Sam in order to bring her back.

It was a battle the entire team was trying to face while also struggling to keep their emotions in check. We got to see Deeks speaking to Tahir for the first time, doing everything he could to try and allow Eric to find him while also searching for Sam. With everything going on, it was hard to stay in the sadness with all the action taking place.

In the aftermath of the situation, Deeks and Kensi shared a special moment in their relationship as Sam finally got the chance to mourn his loss. It was a devastating finale, but also sweet seeing one relationship continue to form while another was remembered.

While we wait for the next season, look back at the top moments from “Unleashed.”

10. Partners

While Kensi and Deeks struggle to come to terms with what has happened, Sam gets into his car, prepared to find the man who killed Michelle. He doesn’t want to pull Callen or the team into his vendetta, but Callen refuses to leave his side.

9. Rogue

While Sam takes Callen to a mosque so he can speak to an Imam, the rest of the team learn more about the refrigeration unit where Michelle was held. Kensi and Deeks head over there while Callen discovers that Sam has abandoned him.

8. Lone wolf

Callen looks desperately for Sam after discovering Michelle’s body is missing. He goes to the Hanna house and finds Sam has taken his weapons with him. Calling his partner, Callen urges him not to go alone and then quips that he gets the irony of calling him a lone wolf.

7. Sabatino and Sam

Sam gets help from Sabatino, who tells him about a man named Aimon Shah who might have connections with Tahir. They go to meet with him and get a lead that he is working with an Ethiopian named Edward Kebede. He then leaves Sabatino cuffed so he can go alone.

6. Sniper

Kensi and Deeks arrive at the facility only to find photos of Michelle during her captivity before her death. Callen soon arrives and orders them to remove the photos. But just as Deeks steps forward, a sniper shoots at them, injuring Callen. However, he does not want to go to the hospital since he didn’t get hurt bad thanks to the vest.

5. Phone

Deeks and Kensi find the cororner’s van but all that’s left inside is a phone. Deeks answers it and angrily speaks to Tahir, who tells him to find Sam or he will send Michelle back in pieces. The two of them struggle as they work with Nell and Eric to use technology to make it look like Sam is on the phone.

4. Bus

After finally finding Sam and telling him what happened, he works with them to find Tahir. But Tahir is actually on a bus full of tourists, leading the team to have to stop the bus in order to not only stop Tahir but rescue innocent civilians.

3. Explosion

As Sam struggles with Tahir, who has a gun and other agents on board who will kill the innocent civilians if he is stopped, he finds that he has a suicide vest. Callen arrives on board to help Sam get free and escape before either one can be killed.

2. Proposal

After the bus explodes and Tahir is killed, Kensi talks to Nell, who is struggling over the fact that Sam has lost the love of his life. Kensi looks over at her love and makes a decision, getting a flash bang from another officer. She puts it inside the cannon and uses the ring from the device to propose to a surprised Deeks. After a beautiful speech, Deeks accepts and they share a kiss.

1. Mourning

Callen watches as Sam is reunited with Michelle, who laments at his life being forever changed. He asks Callen to keep an eye on the team for him while he takes time off to be with the kids. Callen, of course, agrees.

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