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'NCIS: New Orleans:' Top 10 moments from 'Down the Rabbit Hole'

On last night’s episode of NCIS: New Orleans, Pride was as determined as ever to stop Hamilton once and for all. He tried following Stone in order to see what he was up to and, hopefully, put a stop to Hamilton’s plan of putting out a hit on a high profile target. When the team learns that seven important dignitaries are coming to New Orleans, they try to figure out who the target is despite being told to stand down by their deputy director thanks to Hamilton’s involvement.

Pride is taking the case deeply personal, especially after Stone opens fire to get away from him and kills an innocent victim. Because he is so far gone, he puts the rest of the team in jeopardy, especially after determining who the target is.

Making a decision that could have a lasting impact, the rest of the team is left to figure out where to go next in the hopes of ending this and saving themselves. This made for a powerful episode, showing just how far one is willing to go to seek justice. Next week’s season finale is sure to be

10. Shooting

After following Stone to a warehouse, Pride tells Chris and Tammy to investigate while he follows Stone. Unfortunately, Stone decides to open fire on Pride in front of a busy crowd, shooting an innocent bystander in order to get away.

9. Stand down

Hamilton decides to fight back by blaming the shooting on Pride and his team’s recklessness. This leads the NCIS Deputy Director to order Pride off the case and to stand down.

8. Getting Sonja

Chris goes to the judge to make a plea to get Sonja out of jail. While he knows she did the wrong thing, they need her for the case. The judge agrees and the next day, Sonja is reunited with her team.

7. Bug

Pride calls Hamilton to his bar and confronts him, managing to place a bug inside his jacket so the team can hear him. In the meantime, Loretta tries to give Pride advice about getting help from his team and Sebastian looks over evidence from a fish tank at the warehouse that was missed.

6. Congresswoman

The team learns through the bug that Hamilton wants to build a Navy shipyard in Clearwater, not caring in the least that there are still residents living there. The congresswoman is the only one holding out on a vote, leading the team to believe she is the one who is in danger. Unfortunately they can’t do much since they aren’t supposed to be on the case.

5. Red tide

Sebastian learns that the fish tank was being used to grow red tide, which is naturally occurring in oysters but lethal. The team finds out the congresswoman is scheduled to have lunch with an Admiral at a corner restaurant, which lines up with evidence they have. Pride makes a desperate attempt to stop the hit, but he ends up being made to look bad in the media.

4. Suspension

The team is suspended from further duties and because of this, Pride tells them to stop investigating because he knows his actions caused this. He does not want to ruin their lives any further. Loretta comes to see him and sees he’s been drinking. She is horrified at his behavior, especially when he leaves and she sees on his phone he has gone to meet Hamilton.

3. Explosion

At the bar, Pride meets with Stone instead of Hamilton. Stone’s hit man attempts to choke Pride while he arms a bomb. A desperate fight ensues and before he can escape, the entire building explodes.

2. Unidentified

Sebastian and Tammy are horrified to see what happened as they rush inside. Sonja is in tears as she asks Loretta if the burned body at their feet is Pride. She can’t tell, even though his gun and badge are on the body. The team is left in disbelief at what has happened. With Pride considered possibly deceased, Hamilton carries out the hit on the congresswoman.

1. Not him

The team waits outside Loretta’s morgue, hoping that the body they found is not Pride. She then comes to them and says the body does not belong to their friend and boss, bringing much needed relief and confusion. Tammy wonders if he left the gun and badge intentionally. Loretta realizes he wanted everyone else to think he’s dead. We then see Pride, in fact, is alive and holding Stone hostage in a vehicle.

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