'NCIS: New Orleans:' Top 10 moments from 'Knockout'

NCIS: New Orleans focused on the murder of a Navy chaplain who worked in Clearwater. When he died trying to get to a young fighter, the team investigated only to run into Mayor Hamilton. Of course, it is tense between Hamilton and Pride, especially when the former asks about Sonja, who is still in prison.

As the team tries to work on a connection between the murder and Hamilton, Pride’s anger and rage gets the best of him. Things even go from bad to worse when Patton is accused of conducting illegal cyber work. It’s a tough pill to swallow as they all struggle to make sense of what is happening to their team.

The team is getting closer to finding out just what Mayor Hamilton is up to. With only two episodes left, we can only speculate where the story will go for the NCIS crew. While we wait to find out what will happen, check out the top 10 moments from “Knockout.”

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