'NCIS: New Orleans:' Top 10 moments from 'Poetic Justice'

The season finale of NCIS: New Orleans found the team trying to put themselves back together while hiding the fact that their boss was not dead like everyone thought they were. In order to find Pride and stop Hamilton once and for all, Tammy calls upon FBI Director Isler in an effort to get help. In the meantime, Pride is practically going off the rails himself, going rogue in an effort to find out what Hamilton is planning for Clearwater.

When the mayor is abducted, Isler wants to talk to NOPD, but the team knows they will become focused on Pride and not why he is doing what he has been doing. Soon enough, they are led closer to what is going to happen and must stop it.

We saw just how dedicated to justice Pride was in this episode, but at what cost to himself? He did a lot to find the answers he needed, but it will be interesting to see how this entire arc affects the team as they work to gain back their credibility.

While we wait the entire summer for season four, check out the top 10 moments from “Poetic Justice.”

10. Stone

Pride has a confrontation with Stone, but the man refuses to reveal what he knows about Hamilton’s dealings in Clearwater. When he comes at Pride with a knife, we see he is tossed over the roof of a building. It is ambiguous about what happened and when his body is discovered, Chris and Sonja are called in despite being suspended. Loretta shows them a fingerprint, which turns out to be Pride’s. She quietly smudges the print.

9. Reinstated

When Isler is informed about what Pride is doing and that he is, in fact, alive, FBI Assistant Director Isler works on getting the team reinstated, but they have to be careful about their actions. He wants to inform NOPD about what is going on, but Tammy works on making sure he does not let it get out about what happened.

8. Mayor kidnapped

Tammy and Isler go to talk to the mayor, but he is not in his office. It turns out that Pride led him somewhere else under the guise of being Stone. When a gun is pulled and Hamilton is shot in the arm, Pride takes him along. The team knows Pride won’t let Hamilton die since he needs to know what his agenda is.

7. Phone call

Pride calls Loretta to find out how to rescue Hamilton. Loretta talks him through it, informing him he needs an actual doctor. Beforehand, Pride had also learned that a team is waiting on Stone’s instructions and he informs her. Unfortunately, the police track them thanks to a tracker on Hamilton and he ends the call so they can escape.

6. Explosives

When the team finds evidence of explosives, they realize something big is going to happen in Clearwater to drive the residents away. Unfortunately, they don’t know where it is going to happen. Pride, in the meantime, takes Hamilton to Clearwater Baptist to put him in the center of everything.

5. Flood

The team is able to find the men who are involved in the plot but not before they are able to cause an opening of the floodgates. Pride hears the siren warning go off for a flood and he notices Hamilton is getting increasingly worried. He knows the levees won’t let the water get close, but because of how Hamilton is acting, he realizes that the levees are going to be compromised.

4. Stand down

Pride leaves to go find the levee that will be compromised, but he is stopped when a police officer recognizes the vehicle involved in the mayor’s kidnapping. Surrounded, Pride is faced with the NOPD as the team watches on television. Isler than gets on the phone with NOPD to tell them Pride is working undercover for him. They let Pride go.

3. Facing the truth

After the team works together to stop the bad guys from blowing up the levee, they notice Pride has escaped from their view. He goes back to Hamilton and holds him at gunpoint just as Tammy and Isler arrive. Tammy had figured out where he would be and once he sees them, Pride lowers his weapon and arrests Hamilton.

2. Family

At the end after all is said and done, the team gets ready to head out when Sonja stops Chris to thank him for helping her out. They seem to be sharing a moment, but Chris puts it on pause, not wanting their thing to get in the way of the team and their family. Sonja agrees, albeit hesitantly.

1 Rebuild

Pride is in his bar, which is still damaged from the explosion. The team arrives, wanting to be with him and help him rebuild. However, he is not up for company, but they want to be there for him as family. Together, they begin cleaning up.

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