'NCIS' recap- 'Rendezvous'

The NCIS season finale began with a couple in South America as they were discussing their adventures while taking water samples. The husband is stunned when he sees his wife has inadvertently caught a hand in her net.

Meanwhile back in D.C., Abby is preparing for Delilah’s baby shower but Tim wants to wait. When Abby mentions the ticking clock, he snaps about knowing but she realizes he is just nervous about fatherhood. Gibbs arrives to bring Tim to MTAC, where they speak to NCIS Agent Nicole Taggart in Paraguay.

The hand the two chemists found belonged to Petty Officer Matthew Dean, who had entered the country on a tourist visa. He wasn’t supposed to be in Paraguay on account of a ban on military tourists due to rebel activity.

Getting an update from the team, Gibbs learned Dean was an avid explorer and would take on trips alone to do things such as rafting and mountain climbing. He could have gone rafting along the Paraguay River, but they still don’t know why he entered the country against orders.

Ellie and Alex speak to Dean’s wife, who thought he had been in Canada on a fishing trip. She does know he had been in Paraguay for his last SEAL mission, but he shouldn’t have actually told her where he was.

Tim and Gibbs speak to Commander Peter Josephson in MTAC, but he can’t tell them about the mission. However, he does tell them he had called about inviting Josephson on a fishing trip with Petty Officer Charlie Hudson. Hudson lives out of a motorhome so they need to find him.

After a Goodfellas reference between Ducky and Palmer leads to a classic silent Gibbs entrance, he learns that Abby is running DNA tests on the body parts to confirm they all match Dean. Ducky also informs Gibbs someone used a machete to dismember the body.

Nick and Tim go to the motorhome where Charlie lives. But when they enter, they find no one is inside but items including detonators, missing weapons and a travel memo indicate Hudson and Dean had both gone to Paraguay.

Abby and Ellie inform Gibbs that the items found in the motorhome all indicate the men were preparing for something big. They had items for four people, but only two people left. Since Josephson is in Iraq, they deduce from a photo their missing fourth person is Petty Officer Christopher Clayton.

Ellie and Alex find that Clayton is in the hospital after being injured while roller skating. He is reluctant to share information on Paraguay with them until he learns Dean was killed. Clayton tells them they had been sent to Paraguay for a recon mission to collect information on a rebel group known as Revolutionary Armed Council.

The team is able to find that the rebel group are just a bunch of thugs who are stealing uranium, likely to sell it on the black market. Hudson and Dean, who had money related issues due to gambling, could have gone back to get the cash the R.A.C. had. Tim has an idea to contact a connection about using weather satellite images to see if they can pick anything up involving Hudson.

Abby deals with a flirtatious employee at the NOAA as she and Tim look at satellite images. They show a group of people heading away from the city of Val Verde and going to a compound. One lone beacon of light shows someone watching the compound.

While down in autopsy, Ducky notices that most of the body parts were cut with a machete except for the hand. He begins to realize something and leaves the room.

In MTAC, Tim and Gibbs look at the satellite image of the person they are watching and then Gibbs notices that it appears the man is missing a hand. Ducky rushes in to tell Abby the DNA on the body parts belonged to Hudson. Dean is missing only his hand and he is likely the man they see on the satellite image.

The team prepares for Ellie, Gibbs and Tim to make travel arrangements to Paraguay. However, Nick wants to go instead so Ellie agrees. But this also means she is given the awkward task of telling Dean’s wife she was incorrect and her husband is alive. Even though Alex is with her, she is left alone when Alex has to take a call.

The agents arrive in Val Verde and split up to find information, although Tim makes a quick restroom stop. Back in the office, Alex tells Abby that Dean and Hudson had been in contact with a relief organization that sent food all over the world, including Paraguay. Ellie then tells them she spoke to someone from the organization who clammed up when she began asking for more information.

Gibbs speaks to an older gentleman, who is reluctant to talk, which makes Gibbs think someone is watching. Nick is able to get a little information from a young woman that her brother was taken by the R.A.C. and Tim couldn’t get anything from people he asked. Gibbs finds that the area where Dean was in the satellite images is 10 kilometers away, but they have to wait to head out.

Ellie and Clayton go to speak to the man who hung up on her. While he claims not to know what was in the box he shipped, he tells them he met Hudson and Dean at a bar and they were good friends.

Tim and Nick wait for Gibbs to finish talking to Ellie. When a couple with a little girl walk by, Tim looks longingly and Nick teases him about being ready for fatherhood. Gibbs gets off the phone and tells them they are heading to church.

They arrive to speak to a nun and another gentleman, who realizes they are there for him. They are led to a crawlspace where Dean is hiding.

It turns out Dean and Hudson had gone to Paraguay not for money, but to rescue a boy who had been kidnapped to be a child soldier for the R.A.C. The boy’s father is the one who helped them escape when they were first ambushed and they were indebted to him. Even though Gibbs tells him they need to leave, Dean refuses to go without saving the boy.

Vance is not happy to find that Clayton and Ellie have some sort of backup in place for Gibbs. However, on satellite phone, Gibbs tells Vance that it is just a rescue operation to then extract U.S. citizens from Paraguay. Vance tells him to make sure any action he takes is in a defensive move.

A plan is put together to try and rescue the boy, but things are very dire. Gibbs offers for Tim not to be involved, but Tim reminds him he is still an agent. The next morning, the four men work together to rescue the boys. When the rebels target them, Tim and Gibbs stay behind as Nick and Dean get the boys to safety. As the helo is about to take off, Tim leaves so he can help Gibbs. They are the only two left as they fight against the rebels.

Until next season.

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