'NCIS' recap- 'Something Blue'

The last episode of NCIS began with Ensign Stoddard looking for Petty Officer Gregory Jones, who was supposed to arrive for his shift for food services. However, he is stunned to find him deceased in his bunk.

Meanwhile, the team is helping Tim look for a tux for his wedding. He is not feeling good about what he has tried on since Delilah didn’t seem to care for it. Plus, everyone else from Nick to Abby look better in their outfits than he feels like he does.

Gibbs and Jimmy go onto the ship to investigate Jones’ death. Commander Bitterman describes Jones as a good worker while Chief Choi takes Jimmy to where the body is being kept per protocol. However, they are both surprised to find he is missing.

Because of the latest developments, the rest of the team now have to come to the ship as well. Nick and Tim have a discussion about the first song choice the couple has made for the wedding (“She Blinded Me with Science”) before telling Gibbs that Jones’ parents and sister have been contacted. Ellie and Alex are told to stay on the ship while Nick and Tim head back home.

Ellie talks to Stoddard, who appears really shaken by what happened to Jones. He said he did not know of any issues he may have had with anyone.

In the office, Tim is surprised to see Delilah, who has come to him with a revised guest list of over 300 people. She reminds him that he needs to pick up the pace on his part of planning the wedding and he promises to be more available. After she leaves, Vance comes by and gives Tim advice about not taking marriage for granted. Once he leaves, Tim receives a phone call.

Nick talks to Regina, who is stunned and upset about her brother’s death. She tells Nick her brother had e-mailed her days ago about being hazed by his supervisor, Haring. Gibbs and Ellie question Haring, who tells them they were just giving him a hard time for wanting to transfer out of their division. They never would have actually killed him.

Alex comes to tell Gibbs they still can’t locate the body. Just then, Gibbs gets a call from Tim that Jones’ body was found in the water, having been tied down and wrapped in a trash bag.

In autopsy, Gibbs finds out from Jimmy and Ducky that other than his regular blood pressure medication, Jones had a high dose of ecstacy in his system when he died. They don’t believe he would have actually taken the drug since he would have known it would have a strong reaction to his medication.

Ellie and Alex arrive back at the office and try to figure out why Greg would have taken a drug when they’ve heard from his sister that he never touched drugs. He didn’t even drink coffee.

Tim has a talk with Abby about being more present for wedding planning, shocked that his best person would take Delilah’s side in a fight. After asking to change the subject, he is informed that the ecstacy pill in Jones’ system was found concentrated in sweet potatoes he had consumed before his death.

When Gibbs and Ellie speak to Commander Bitterman, he is stunned to find out what happened. He then realizes that the only sweet potatoes on the menu the night of his death were for himself. Jones was not the target; he was. The only reason Jones ate his sweet potatoes was because Bitterman lost his appetite after ordering food.

Alex and Nick discuss bringing dates to the wedding while searching the bunks on the ship, which is back in Norfolk. Alex finds a bag full of pills under Haring’s bunk.

Tim arrives home to see Delilah is taking a nap after feeling tired from going through wedding invitations. He offers to do them for her but she wants to do it together. As he is getting her wheelchair, she tries to get herself up only to suddenly collapse to Tim’s horror.

When questioned by Nick, Haring claims the drugs were not his. Gibbs has him try to tie a particular knot but he doesn’t do well, meaning he couldn’t have tied the knot to hold Jones’ body down. Once he leaves the room, he receives a call from Tim, clearly panicking and he makes a run down the hall.

In the hospital, Tim is distraught and worried that Delilah’s health issues are related to her having been injured when she became paralyzed. Gibbs leads him to sit down and try to breathe. Tim is worried that they were too focused on the little things to think about what mattered and Gibbs reminds him to wait until they know more.

Clayton has been told to fill in for Tim so he goes to see Abby. She informs him the pills they found were known as Blue Burgers and there was a dealer in Norfolk named Vernon Palumbo who was recently paroled.

Gibbs gets an update on the case, but refuses to get Tim involved when he asks. When Delilah is wheeled down the hall, Tim is relieved to see her. Doctors still are checking her out so he goes with her while Gibbs goes back to the case.

Clayton and Ellie try to play Vernon, but he makes them as cops. They manage to get him to talk about who he met with and show him photos of the different officers on the ship.

A doctor comes to let Delilah know how she is doing. Her collapse was likely due to stress since she is anemic and when she mentions her condition, both Tim and Delilah are confused. Realizing they don’t know, the doctor informs them Delilah is about 10 weeks pregnant. Delilah is stunned and watches as Tim proceeds to faint. She remarks that she figured that would be his reaction.

The team finds out from Ellie that Vernon had met with three individuals including Stoddard. Meanwhile, Abby goes to see Delilah and Tim at the hospital. She immediately can tell how happy they both are and they tell her not to say anything since they are still trying to get ahold of Delilah’s mother. Abby is thrilled and carefully gets on the bed to hug them both.

Gibbs, Nick and Alex confront Stoddard, who eventually admits he was only trying to prank Bitterman for being hard on them all the time. He never meant for Jones to be the one to be harmed.

Vance comes to Gibbs after the case is over to ask why Tim would invite him to dinner at his apartment. Gibbs tells him he also got an invite, as well as Ellie, Alex, Nick and Clayton. They all look at Abby, who is bursting at the seams.

At the apartment, with the addition of Ducky and Jimmy, Delilah and Tim are ready to give the good news when they find out Abby couldn’t keep the secret. They don’t mind and tell the team they are actually going to have the wedding at the apartment, with a party later for out of town family. Ducky will walk Delilah down the aisle while Gibbs will stand in as man of honor since her sister couldn’t fly out in time. Jimmy will officiate the wedding after becoming ordained online.

Everyone prepares for the wedding and in a special moment, Gibbs gives Tim a watch that was handed down from his grandfather to his father and finally to Gibbs. Tim is touched at the gesture and sees the watch is engraved to say “Breathe, Tim.” The wedding is held and the couple officially become “Mr. and Mrs. McGee.”

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