Review for Danii Roundtree album 'Memoirs'

Atlanta-based Danii Roundtree is an R&B, jazz, soul and pop recording artist that exhibits all the stops that can make a well-rounded artist happen.  Since 2009, she has acquired a devoted fan base, as well as making a name for herself throughout the music scene, performing live at many different venues, festivals and other music events.

Her love for music began at an early age.  At 11 years old, she started taking singing lessons and started performing on stage as a child prodigy.  Fast-forward, these days, Roundtree is showcasing her powerful stage presence as well as displaying her wide-ranging vocal abilities on various platforms as well as to a growing following.

Roundtree’s debut album, Memoirs, opens up with “My Man,” a fun, exuberant song with a jiving fun spirit.  The melody is catchy with a happening Motown vibe.  With great jazzy flair, Roundtree sings with a great jostling feel to the music.  This track is something that will keep your feet moving and keep you in motion with its indie pop vibe.

The next track, “Pillow Talk” has a more intimate feel.  With a more sensual backbeat, Roundtree sings with a silky satin voice.  Everything comes across as smooth and is a cool jazzy blend of driven vocals and big band feel.

“Juke Box Boogie” has vocals that caramelizes into some great retro fun.  With its rocking vibe, the twist and sway of the whole affair is just engrossing.

On “Magic,” with its mysterious and gripping rhythmic beats, Roundtree sings with the thrill of some R&B variables.  The hush, expectant catch and sway of the music, like the title suggests, is magical.  This song has a great energy with a big band playing in the background.

“Blue Eyes” is a track that is also laced with something magical and surreal.  There are elements of some intricate jazz playing as well as rhythmic blues.  There is a bit of a lounge feel to the track with its catchy cool jazz vibe and big band ensemble.  Interlaced with a feel-good trumpet solo, the structured harmonies also intercede into the moment, giving this song a timeless sway.

“Caroline” is a retro song with a 70’s disco era feel.  It is a dance-worthy track filled to the tee with a funky, groovy cadence.  Vibrant, catchy, as well as melodic, this is a dance song that will keep you rocking along.

“Dysfunkshunull Love” is a jazzy track filled with a big sound.  The sweet harmonies with its bouncy beats can get you all caught up in the jazz, pop, blues infused cadence.  The great rhythms and harmonies give off an energetic bluesy spirit.  Here, Roundtree’s vocals caresses listeners into its fold, giving off a satin-like appeal.

The last track to this highly dynamic album is “Karma.”  With a marching backbeat, the great jazzy and blues sound gives off a strong bass section that backs up the vocals.  The great enthused sound elicits from early on a charged, electrifying brassy feel.

You can see from the get-go that Danii Roundtree has harnessed together a strong album filled to the brim with soul.  Her energetic sound backed by The Retro Rebels caters to a big band ensemble fueled sound.

The ill-contained songs are straight up rocking concoctions.  The big band addition produces a grand spanning and sweeping, expansive listen.  Memoirs is an energetic album that will definitely give you a rush as you listen to this!

This album is slated for a summer 2017 release.

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