Review for GaBso's EP 'Made Me Wanna Change My Name'

Pop/EDM Israeli artist GaBso readily incorporates ethereal and mystifying beats into tight harmonies on his game-changing EP, entitled, Made Me Wanna Change My Name.  He was discovered when he performed onstage for the Kochav Nolad show  (American Idol), where he earned third place on its first season.

His career began to gain traction after releasing his first single, “Yom Veod Yomaim” (“Day and Two More Days”) after an Israeli label NMC suggested he release a single at the end of the Kochav Nolad show.  This led to GaBso releasing a debut full-length album Arim Roshi (I Will Raise My Head), which was released six months later.

The album went on to garner four radio hits that were No. 1 on the charts for over four months total, going on to reach “Gold Record” status.  Towards the end of that year, GaBso was titled “Singer of the year,” “Discovery of the years” and his first single was chosen as “Song of the year.”

Four albums later, GaBso has released his newest EP, Made Me Wanna Change My Name, a hybrid of pop and EDM tunes that will vibrate long after the last note has played.

The first track to the EP, “Where I’ll Put My Shoes” is an airy, feel-good song that is filled with soaring vocals and ethereal rhythms.  The pop influences as well as EDM feel melds well with grinding electronic beats.  The hot jam emphasizes a spiraling sort of effect with the background music.  It is a mysterious and fulfilling sort of sound that embraces synths with electronic nodes.  The sizzling beats and rhythms on this track surely resonates with a rich cadence.

“All In My Hand” is filled with skipping beats that blips and flares with electronic promise.  This flavors a pixilated sound that enriches this passionate and emotional song.  Catered to an R&B crowd, the lush strings that accompany the electronic flourish combine to make an intricate and dramatic sound.  The symphonic finish provides for a more grandeur sound, definitely making it more operatic.

“Words Words Words Words” has electronic background music that warble rather repetitiously.  This causes to make for a powerful, amped sound that is charged with desirable beats.  This makes for an emotional and tight sound.

Towards the end of the EP, it seems to be that GaBso is luxuriating in his sound, creating a darker energy in the title-track “Make Me Wanna Change My Name” and the airy and ethereal 789” that reverberates with chill and oscillating beats.

There is definitely a strong R&B vibe coming from this EP.  GaBso puts his emphasis mainly on his vocals to produce a golden sound that is both luxurious and vibrant.  His versatile style purposely alternates between the pop and EDM genres, while the entire scope of the EP encompasses dance music at its best.

The EP is out now!

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