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'Survivor' winner Adam Klein talks winning strategies and lung cancer treatment

In 2016, Adam Klein was crowned the winner of CBS Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.  Within an hour of his homecoming from Fiji, his beloved mother Susie passed away from a short, but hard-fought battle with lung cancer.  As he promised, he donated $100,000 to lung cancer research and has raised an additional $300,000 to further the cause.  With this being National Women's Lung Health Week, he had a lot to say on this matter.

Klein had always been a fan of Survivor.  In fact, he planned to compete in an earlier season of the show with his mother, but sadly she received her diagnosis despite never having been a smoker and being a person who lived a healthy lifestyle.  Klein grew up in Burlingame, California and graduated from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations.  He resides in San Francisco and is the manager of a homeless shelter.

Here are a few facts about lung cancer:

  • Every eight minutes a woman loses her battle with lung cancer.
  • Only 18 percent of lung cancer cases among women are diagnosed early, when the disease is most treatable. Survival rates are five times higher when lung cancer is detected early.
  • While anyone can get lung cancer, smoking is the leading risk factor of the disease, along with radon, air pollution and secondhand smoke exposure.

Adam Klein spoke with TheCelebrityCafe.com about his interest in Survivor, dished on his relationships with other contestants, discussed challenges, what he likes to do for fun and he was joined by Addison Meth, NP, Senior Practice Manager, CVS Minute Clinic to talk about his role with American Lung Association’s "Lung Force," what it means to #LiveLikeSusie, what are some tips to early detection of Lung Cancer, what CVS is doing to help and more.

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