'The Big Bang Theory' Finale Recap: 'The Long Distance Dissonance'

On the season 10 finale of The Big Bang Theory, a returning admirer is back and she is making a play for Sheldon!

We first met Dr. Ramona Nowitzki in season 2. She was a grad student who had a big crush on Sheldon. Well, she is back on the Caltech campus causing trouble while Amy is away.

Sheldon doesn’t pick up on her advances, but the gang notices. She is having lunch with him, touching his hand (which he didn’t immediately, Purell), and she even got him to go swimming with her while she adorned what sounded like a risqué swim suit.

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While Skyping with Amy, Sheldon mentions spending time with Ramona. Amy immediately becomes jealous and Skypes the girls right away. She yells at them for not watching Sheldon, which was their one job. They assure Amy  she has nothing to worry about, although they don’t completely believe this.

Sheldon brings Ramona to Leonard and Penny’s apartment to hang out with the gang, and later Sheldon invites her to his apartment. He still thinks this is all harmless. She is just his friend, right?

After she leaves, Penny takes Sheldon aside and points out that Ramona likes him and is making moves. Sheldon thinks that is ridiculous, she knows he has a girlfriend. Penny explains that it doesn’t matter, but Sheldon still dismisses the idea.

The next day at the college, Ramona drops by Sheldon’s office. He decides to ask her if she is trying to start a romantic relationship. That is what prompts her to kiss Sheldon.

Immediately after the kiss, Sheldon leaves and flies across the country to see Amy in New Jersey. He knocks on her door and a surprised Amy opens it to find Sheldon down on one knee, proposing to her.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next season to hear Amy’s answer!

The BIg Bang Theory, The Long Distance Dissonance
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